The Sick Mom’s Wish list

This past weekend, I was down for the count.  I went to lay down for a minute when I made it home from class Friday, and other than the gazillion trips to the bathroom that were needed, I didn’t leave the bed until Sunday afternoon.  Being sick, sucks.  I’m feeling better now, but I’m not completely there yet.  I can sit up without completely losing it, but I still get dizzy if I stand for more than a couple of minutes.  What made my heart sink, almost worse than the nausea that overtook me when I stood up, was my first view of the living areas of my house when I made it up there.  While I was in bed dying, my house was apparently hit by a tornado.


I understand that as a mom one of our primary jobs is that of a maid.  Most days, I do my best not to complain (too much at least) about taking on this dreaded task.  It’s never more noticeable though then when you don’t (or in this case, can’t) take on that role for a few days.  When you’re sick, it’s difficult to take care of yourself, let alone the house.  That’s when we rely on our family to (hopefully) pick up the slack.  


What do we want from you when we aren’t feeling well?  Let’s take a look at a few suggestions of what you can do to help when your mom/wife is sick.



Send the kids to bed

Chances are, we are sleeping more than we are awake.  This means, we probably won’t be watching the clock to know when it’s bedtime for the little ones.  If it’s a weekend, it can slide a bit, but on those school nights, getting to bed on time is super important for the kids health.  Once they go to bed, they won’t be bugging you anymore, so this is a good thing for you too, right?


Feed the children

When we’re in bed, doing our best to keep the contents of our stomach from becoming the contents of the toilet, we really aren’t thinking about eating.  In turn, we unfortunately, really aren’t thinking of feeding you.  If you aren’t the cooking type, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle – feel free to order in some pizza or Chinese or whatever sounds appealing to you guys.  Take the kiddos out to eat if you’d like.  I promise, we won’t complain.  Just please, don’t ask someone sick to cook for you.  Not only are we not up to it, you don’t want those germs all over the food that you will put in your mouth.  This is for both of our benefits.



Handle the drama

I’m not saying that it’s ok for Jack to hit Jill.  What I am saying is that we feel as though we’ve been run over by a dump truck, and can barely keep our eyes open, it’s really not high on our priority scale when there is no blood or broken bones.  Of course we do care, but if you could just handle the situations that are sure to arise, we would be ever so very grateful.


Give in to our requests

Yes, I realize that asking for a slice of toast might seem like a strange request to you.  And, I also understand that a muffin doesn’t sound like a traditional dinner.  However, when you don’t feel good, you tend to be careful about what you’re eating.  I do appreciate that you are offering me some of the pizza that has been ordered.  I just don’t feel up to eating it.  Don’t take it personally if I don’t want to share the dinner that you so wonderfully ordered.  Also, I realize that it’s hot in the bedroom, but when I ask for another blanket, just bring it.  I’m cold.  It doesn’t make sense to me either, but that’s how my body feels.  No matter how strange our requests my seem at this time, just let us have our way on these simple little things.


Be the disaster relief crew

Tornadoes happen.  They are horrible things that do nothing but cause damage and destroy things.  And it seems that every time we get sick, one hits our house.  Please, please, please, I beg of you, be the clean up crew.  There is little worse that finally feeling better, only to have to spend the next week cleaning up the havoc that was wrecked on the house while you were ill.  If you personally don’t want to do it, ensure that the kids are doing it.  Just make sure it gets done, one way or another.  And be thankful that we do it daily to ensure that the house doesn’t look like that for you on a regular basis.


Know that we love you

No matter how sick we get, how good (or bad) of a job that you do taking care of the kids and house while we are out of commission, just know that we love you.  We know we get demanding sometimes when we aren’t feeling well.  We understand that taking on all the work that we usually do without thinking seems like a ton of weight has landed on your shoulders.  We realize that you won’t be perfect.  And we love you anyways.  Thank you so much for what you can do to help take care of us.  Your little gestures don’t go unnoticed, even if we don’t comment on them or thank you for them at the time.  You’re awesome.  You rock.  We love you!


Whether you’re under the weather now, just getting over it, or hopefully no where near the season, it’s always nice to remember that the little things are what matters when someone doesn’t feel well.  So the next time someone in your family gets sick, be it Mom or Dad, Sister or Brother, Son or Daughter, try and see what you can do to be a helper.  


What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you when you weren’t feeling well?

What would you love if someone would do for you when you’re sick?


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