Significance of Music in the Overall Slot Game Experience

One thing that most people wouldn’t immediately think about in relation to slots is music, as this doesn’t often really have a direct result on the overall gameplay or win potential, so most people simply forget about it. In fact, there are some games out there today that have absolutely atrocious music too, with some gamblers refusing to play slots that have annoying soundtracks. At the same time, however, there are online slots with soundtracks that just make them that little bit better too nowadays when you visit

Whatever your personal opinion is of the significance of music in the overall slot game experience, it is hard to argue against the fact that a good soundtrack or set of special sound effects can really make things more exciting. This is even more true of the wave of Las Vegas slot machines during the 1960s, with the iconic sound of Las Vegas slots halls being fuelled by little jingles and slot sound effects. Read on to find out about the significance of music in the overall slot game experience. 

Slot games before music 

Of course, it would have been pretty hard for the people of Charles D. Fey’s day to add music into their slot machines, as the machines themselves had only just been invented. Mr. Fey is responsible for the Liberty Bell machine, which quickly set things in motion for the modern slots industry to flower, however there was no scope to put music on these games. 

In fact, the most sound you could get out of these very early slot machines was the clinking of a few coins if you happened to be lucky enough to win a prize! However, as time went on this all changed… 

The first sound effects in slots 

Before music entered the world of slot gambling the first thing that developers installed in their games were fairly sound effects, however these had a huge influence on the continued rise of slot machines at this time. This was in the early 20th century, where people had been playing slot machines for a couple of decades, and needed something new to keep them hooked. 

Well, what is more exciting than earning a slot machine wins, and having the accompanying whistles and coin jingles alongside it too? Not much! 

The development of slot soundtracks 

One thing that stopped the classic world of land-based slot machines from using soundtracks too obviously was that, more often than not, these machines would be played in close proximity to each other, and the music would therefore bleed into itself from different machines. 

This didn’t stop developers in 80s using proper soundtracks to accompany the new video slots though. 

Modern online slots and music 

The significance of music in the overall slot game experience has been greatly increased by the arrival of online slots, as developers can finally design their games with a lot of focus on the soundtrack. Just take games like NetEnt’s Guns N Roses, which revolves around the music of the legendary rock band.