Simple Things Your Kids Can Do To Save The Planet

As an adult, there is much you can do save the planet.

You could spend less time in the car, for example, and walk or cycle to the places you need to be. You could also use less energy at home. This can be achieved through sensible habits, such as turning off appliances when they aren’t in use. You could also give your home a green makeover with smart appliances, extra installation, and reduce your electricity usage with energy-saving panels from a solar installation company.

As a parent, you can also teach your children about the environment, and use interactive worksheets to educate them on green matters. 

By taking such steps, you can do your bit to save the world for this and other generations.

But what can your kids do? How can they become junior eco-warriors? Here are some ideas you and they might find useful.

#1: Your children can great creative

Kids love to play, but they don’t always need to have the latest toy from the local store. Many items in the home can be reused for play ideas, such as cardboard for den building and plastic bottles for rocket ship-making. So, the next time your children tell you they’re bored, and that they want you to buy something from the store, encourage them to be creative. When you buy less, you will have one less thing to throw away later. And when your kids reuse household items, they will also reduce the need to create more waste on our landfills.

To get your kids started, check out these plastic bottle toy ideas

#2: Your children can donate old toys

Your kids will grow out of their old toys eventually, so instead of throwing them away, encourage your children to donate them. They might know children in their school who could benefit from them, for example, or there could be people families living in your street who would welcome the toys. There might be children’s charities in your town too, or a hospital with a children’s wing. When you encourage your children to donate to another, they will learn two lessons. For one, they will learn how to show kindness. And two, they will learn of better ways to dispose of old items. 

To encourage your children to donate their old toys, mention that they need to make room for new ones (Christmas is coming), and explore with them those places where toys can be donated

#3: Your children can keep the world free of garbage

For one, you should let your children know about the polluting effects of litter. This might encourage them to dispose of their litter responsibly, be they at home or at school. 

Your children could also help pick up litter. They could do this with on the walk to school or when at the local park. And if there are any community groups that litter pick, you could join one with your child. Of course, care needs to be taken. Your child will need to wear gloves, and you should let them know of the items that are unsafe to touch. You should also let them know which recycling bin is which so they discard of the litter they find in the right places. 

These are just some of the things your children can do to help save the planet, so talk to them today, and do what you can together to encourage greener habits.