Smells Cats Hate

Here’s an interesting fact: cats have better sense of smell than dogs. And, if you will compare them to humans, they are 14 times more sensitive. If you’re a cat owner, you should know the smells cats hate to keep them from being irritated.



Scents that Your Cat Hates

As a heads up, there are actually many household items, especially in your kitchen, that irritates your pet. Worse, some are very dangerous to its health when ingested.

So here are the things that you should be conscious of when it comes to your feline companion:



Citrus fruits such as oranges, limes and lemons are pretty common in almost every household. They are used in cooking, for desserts, salads, juices, etc, as they are great immune and energy boosters. However, for our feline friends, citrus scent is an assault to their noses.

Although, when you would add a hint or orange or lime on its food, your pet may enjoy its taste. But, don’t even try to add lemons as they are toxic to cats.



For us humans, bananas do not really have a particularly strong smell. However, cats’ sensitive olfactory nerves can easily detect even a mere banana peel.


Mint, Wintergreen and Menthol

These are other common items in our kitchen and we love them for their cooling effect. But, for our feline companions, they are a no-no. Whether a candy, oil, or liniment, these scents can instantly drive them away.

Worse, mint, wintergreen and menthol are toxic to cats when ingested.


Herbal Spices and Scents

Cats are generally not a fan of most plant smells – especially lavender, rue, geranium, absinthe, and lemon thyme. So if you want to keep your pet away from your garden, you can create a “wall” for them using these plants.


Spicy Scents

Primarily, cayenne pepper will drive your pet away from your kitchen.

In addition, your feline companion is hates other things spicy as well, such as curry and those that have mustard. More so, spicy foods in general are toxic to cats.

Some breeds are also sensitive with heavily-seasoned foods.


Other scents that cats hate

Aside from those usual items in our kitchen, here are other things that irritate your feline’s olfactory nerves. Although, these next items are more obvious since humans don’t like them as well.


Out-of-Date Fish

Similar with us, humans, cats do not like out-of-date fish. Its scent is so strong especially for felines that they will not even get near it. If forced, they can get ill or poisoned when they eat it.


Dirty Litter Box

Moreover, as humans don’t want to use dirty and foul-smelling bathrooms, cats hate a dirty litter box too. So, as an owner, if you fail to maintain your pet’s litter box, the feline will make its own – perhaps on your carpet, sofa or bed.


Strong-Scented Chemicals

Deodorants, bleaches, insecticides have a strong odor that even humans don’t enjoy. Well, their effect is way stronger for your pet. So if you have to use these products, make sure that you leave no remnants afterwards.



If you truly care for your pet cat, you would be more conscious when using and storing these products. On a positive note, you may also use the smells cats hate to keep it away intentionally. If you don’t want your pet in the bedroom, add lavender plant by the door.