7 Ways To Spend Less Money On Food

Are you forking out too much money on food? Here are just a few tips that could help you to cut your grocery bills.

Cook your own meals

You’re likely to spend a lot more on food if you’re constantly eating takeout or going out for dinner. Cooking meals from scratch may not be as convenient, but it’s a lot cheaper. Consider taking on the challenging of only having one takeout meal/meal out per week and home-cooking the rest of your meals.  

Buy in bulk

Ingredients are a lot cheaper when you buy them in bulk. A lot of stores offer multi-buy discounts, while larger packets of rice and pasta tend to be relatively cheaper than were you to buy the same amount in smaller packets. Wholesalers are the best places to find bulk food supplies – many of these stores require a membership fee, but you’ll usually still save money overall by shopping at these places.

Eat less meat

Meats – particularly red meat – can push up the price of your grocery bills. Consider going flexitarian and reducing your meat consumption to only a couple meals per week. Fish, eggs, cheese and nuts could be cheaper sources of protein. On top of saving money, you’ll also save the environment by cutting down.

Don’t let ingredients expire

A lot of us waste huge amounts of money by not eating food within its expiry date, resulting in us throwing it away. You can freeze a lot of foods to extend their life – this guide on how to freeze carrots can show you how to freeze vegetables while still maintaining as many nutrients as possible. Planning out meals can also ensure that you use all ingredients that you buy.

Re-use leftovers

If you overportion and there’s still some food left, don’t throw it away. It could be re-used tomorrow in another meal. There are lots of creative ways to use leftovers – you can turn them into soup or even make curries with leftovers. You could even plan your meals ahead so that you deliberately cook enough to have leftovers the next day.

Try basic brands

When it comes to branded foods, the big brands will generally cost you a lot more money. Don’t be afraid to try lesser known brands as well as store own brands – you could be surprised by how good some of these basic brands taste. In fact, you may not even notice the difference with certain foods.

Hit the reduced section

Most grocery stores have reduced sections or sections dedicated to weekly deals. Make sure to see what’s on offer here as it could save you some money. Try not to be too sucked in by every deal that you see though – it’s easy to overspend money on products you never wanted just because they were reduced.