Ways To Spend Time As A Family (Without Forcing It)

Family time is a topic that is discussed so much now because we don’t have enough of it. You might find it difficult to pry your children away from their phones long enough for you all to have a decent conversation, but if you are concerned that you don’t hang out together as a family unit, the trick might not be in forcing family time, but doing appropriate activities so that you are just hanging out together. So, here are some way for you to spend time as a family.



Cook And Eat Together

Every child has a picky phase, regardless of their age, but if you take time to work together to prepare a meal that you all like, the hard work that your child is put into it will mean that they shall more than likely sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labors. There are many recipes online from sites like bbcgoodfood.com that you can get inspiration from. The act of preparing each aspect of the meal is something you can get the whole family involved in. As a result, you’re working together towards a common goal.


Get Musical

Does your family like music? And it might sound a bit cheesy, but a good old fashioned sing along is something that’s very beneficial for everyone. Everybody likes music to an extent, and you could engage the kids by playing their favorite songs and singing along, or you could get an instrument out if you’re skilled in that way. For those that aren’t that skills when it comes to instruments, the ukulele is always a good one to pick up, as its four strings and simple chords make it easy to play any song. Have a look at https://musicianauthority.com to get some inspiration and break out the tunes!


Play The Kids’ Games

Maybe you’re not spending time as a family because you are all absurdly single-minded in what you think is defined as quality time. Ultimately, if you are hanging out together, this is family time, but if you want a little bit more engagement with your kids, you’ve got to do what they do. If they spend a lot of time playing video games, why don’t you have a go? It’s great if you can play a multiplayer game, but if your kids are young enough and just play with toys, get down on the floor. To spend time as a family now seems to be incredibly difficult, which is why you need to make the most of what little time you have. And while forcing adequate quality family time might sound like a good idea, it rarely ends up with a positive result. So instead, think about the activities where you need to work together as a family, and not feel like it’s good quality family time. This means avoid taking them to the museums and shops, but rather work at hanging out together. Spending time with your kids doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s just about picking the right activity.



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