Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s spring time!  I love spring.  The trees begin to bud and the flowers begin to bloom.  It’s time to get back out into the garden again.  It’s time to open up the windows and let the nice breeze begin to air out the house that’s been shut up all winter.  And, it’s time to clean that house.  Spring Cleaning.


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Ah!  Those dreaded words.  Spring Cleaning.  They are the part of spring that doesn’t quite bring a smile to my face.  While I love the thought of having a beautifully cleaned house, I can’t say the same about the tasks that get it there.  I fully admit, if we had the money to hire a maid to do it for us – I would never do it.  Unfortunately, we don’t though (I say that with confidence as I just got a quote and literally spit my drink out when I saw how high the number was).  So, instead, I am preparing to being the process myself.


Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be horrible.  Here are a few things that I’ve learned over the years to help make the task a little more bearable.


Set a Realistic Time Frame

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Your house didn’t get dirty in a day, and it won’t get clean that way either.  If you’re setting an end goal date – be sure to give yourself enough time to do a good job.  I personally do not set a deadline for myself.  I know if I did, I would rush to get it done in time.  When we rush, we tend to skimp and miss things, even if by accident, that we would have seen if we were taking our time to complete the task.


One Thing at a Time

Whether you go room by room or chore by chore, focus on one thing at a time.  I prefer completing a room at a time.  I’ll start in once section of the house and work my way out to the other side.  Perhaps you are a task oriented person and want to tackle it that way – dusting all surfaces, then moving on to cleaning all floors, etc.  No matter how you organize your cleaning, just be sure to fully complete your task before moving on to the next one.


Make a List – and Check it Twice

Just like Santa double checks his naughty and nice list, I also double check my cleaning list.  When making it – I break it up first by room, and then by tasks that need to be completed for that room.  As I’m going, I’ll put a little check mark in front of each thing I’ve completed.  After I’m completely done with the room, I’ll do a quick double check of each item, fully crossing it out when I have verified it’s done.  This gives me some time to step away and see the task with fresh eyes.  The juice spill that dried in the back of the fridge that perhaps I missed the first time around, becomes apparently quickly when double checking as everything else is nice and shiny clean.  Even if you don’t want to double check it, having a list is important to ensure that no task gets left undone.


Enlist the Troops to Help

Your family can be a huge help when it comes to cleaning.  Yes, it might take some bribing persuasion to get the kiddos on board, but you’d be amazed at what they can do when they want to.  Have a kid wipe down the shelf, then the double check part can be you going back over it to get anything they missed.  Because yes, they will miss stuff.  However, anything that they got off is a little less that you have to get, right?  It teaches your children responsibility.  They are apart of the family that lives in the house, so in turn that creates the mess, and they need to be able to help clean it up.


Make it Fun

Fun?  What?  I understand that cleaning is not fun; however, the more you try to enjoy yourself, the easier the task will be.  Perhaps you make a challenge out of it.  Set the time for 20 minutes and see how much you can get done.  Can the kids work together to accomplish more than Mommy did before the buzzer went off?  Maybe you make it a dance cleaning party.  Crank up the radio and let your body move to the rhythm as you sweep up the floor.  Music always seems to make cleaning a bit less miserable for me!  Set a reward for a job well done.  If I can get the entire kitchen cleaned before the husband comes home from work, I’ll get a Starbucks tomorrow morning instead of brewing my own cup of coffee.  Whatever little thing motivates you, and brings a spark of enjoyment to the cleaning process is something that you’ll definitely want to add to your cleaning routine.


Have Your Tools Handy

Be sure that you’ve got all the cleaning supplies that you’ll need before you start.  There is never a better excuse for failure (or at least delay) than, “I didn’t have the cleaning spray I needed to clean that surface!”  This year, I’m using Greenerways Organic All Purpose, Organic Essential Oil Cleaner the ECO-TIZER.  You can read my full review on the product by clicking this link.  With this one spray and some magic erasers, I’m pretty well set for most all my household needs.  Whatever products you prefer to use, be sure to have them on hand and ready to go when you start!


Enjoy the Fruit of your Labor

Once you get the house finished, show it off!  Invite your friends over for a BBQ or game night.  You worked hard to get your house spic and span and you deserve a little reward.  Plus, the thought of knowing that a good time awaits when you’re finished might help keep you on task to get it complete.


No matter what tips you choose to use, spring cleaning is a wonderful tradition.  It allows us to get up and moving again after the long, cold winter.  It gives our house a breath of fresh air and a new facelift for the new season.  And, we all know that it is so much more relaxing to sit in a clean house than a messy one.


What is your most hated spring cleaning chore?

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