Spring Into Action: DIY Jobs That Are Best Done In Spring

A woman is many things. She’s a hunter / gatherer, a provider, a protector, a beauty icon (why the heck not?), a lover, a friend and a confidant. While she may be perfectly at home in a pretty floral patterned dress, sipping chardonnay and making polite conversation at a dinner party, she may well be just a comfortable in her overalls, staring down a plumbing manifold armed only with a wrench and a YouTube tutorial. With the changing of the seasons, we’re slowly starting to spend a little more time outdoors, shaking off the last of our seasonal funk and getting involved with our social lives once again. The spring is a time for invigoration and reinvention. For the modern woman this can mean a number of things. It can mean setting aside the turtlenecks and trench coats and breaking out the pretty dresses, but it may also mean getting the house shipshape and ready for the spring season.


If you feel like springing into action and flaunting your DIY skills, here are some jobs that are perfect for spring.



Spring cleaning

Let’s start with the obvious shall we? The art of the spring clean is a tradition that goes back literally thousands of years. The process of ridding the home of the old and unnecessary and bringing in a sense of newness, refreshment and reinvigoration is a tradition that transcends time, place and culture.


A good spring clean is the perfect opportunity to rid your home of clutter. But think twice before you throw anything into landfill waste. You could probably do some good for the environment by donating your old items to charity or even selling them on eBay.


Raise the roof

Well, you may not need to raise it, but spring is the perfect time to inspect it. If the winter felt a little draughtier than it should have, the warmer spring months may be the perfect time to have as look at the roof to check whether any shingles have come loose or if the roof’s structure has been compromised by the weather or even birds or small animals. If your roof has endured significant damage, it may be worth replacing it rather than repairing. Erie metal roofs help to keep the home warm in winter but cool in summer by retaining heat from inside while reflecting solar energy from outside. Plus they can be completely customized to suit your home.


Add a splash of color

Spring is a time when we all feel a little more cheerful, a little more hopeful and a little more optimistic. So why not make the most of this seasonal good cheer by adding a splash of color to the home? It can be indoors or outdoors, bold or subtle. Gelato colors are going to be very fashionable this coming season as they add a dash of vibrancy to any room while reflecting the incoming sunlight in warming and comforting ways. If you prefer something a little more subtle, how about using ombre designs in your walls, or your accessories like vases, cushions and throws.


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