Cool and Quirky Makeup Trends for Spring

If you like to recreate your look and try out some new trends, then there is some good news this year. Spring makeup trends, if the catwalks are anything to go by, are all about colour and all about fun. If you like to wear a bare face, then this kind of trend probably won’t interest you. But if you are a makeup fiend, then the bold trends set for spring are going to be something that you love. You might not even be someone who is really bold with the makeup that they wear, but the bright trend for spring this year can give you the chance to try something new and be a little bolder with your makeup. It is going to be all about sparkle, neon shades, bright pigments, and glossy sheen. So here are some of the spring makeup trends to look out for; which are you most looking forward to trying out?


If you want to throw it back to middle school dances of years gone by, then the embellishment trend is something that is set to be big this year. Who won’t feel glam (or glum) if they have some gems, jewels, and added sparkle on their face? Gems near the corners of the eye is something that has been a big trend on the catwalk, and jewel embellishments around the eyes and forehead for a big Coachella makeup vibe.

Glitter Eyes

If adding gems and stickers is a little but too much for you, then why not opt for the glittery eye trend instead? It can be done in many ways, from sparkle eyeliner to choosing a glittery smokey eye, rather than a matte look one. Just make sure that you use a primer for around your eyes, as it will avoid any obvious creases in the eye makeup and make it easier to wipe off the makeup at the end of the day. 

Neon Colours

Neon colours are a really fun trend to play with this spring. It can bring some real light into your life, quite literally. But if you’re not too sure how to wear it, and the thought of a neon lip or eyeshadow feels like too much, then how about trying it with a cat-eye liner? It can be subtle, but bring in the neon shades. It can be worn more subtly for an everyday look, or go big and bold when it is time to party.

Red Lips

Red lipstick is something that is really classic and never really goes out of style. So the good news is that it isn’t going anywhere this spring. Choosing a bold red lip, with some bold brows, but keeping the eyes simple, is a fun look for spring, and will add something special, without it being too much. So if you’re going for color on the lips, keep the eye makeup really simple.

There is definitely something for everyone with these trends, so express yourself and have some fun! It would be great to hear what you think.