A Tight Squeeze That Doesn’t Affect School Life

One of the joys of living is starting your own family. At first, it will be about caring for the little ones and doing the basics that require around the clock attention. Before you know it, they will grow up and start to enter society. Their first taste of normal civilization will be going to school. The learning process is more than just teachers, books and homework; it’s also a cultural aspect. They need clothes, equipment, the ability to participate in the activities, kept healthy and safe as well as involved in the latest uses of technology that aids learning. However millions and millions of parents go through tight squeezes in their budget which has an effect on the living standard of their children. You may be behind on mortgage payments, had an unexpected cost such as the car broke down, or want to save up enough for a well-earned holiday. Doing so requires discipline and taking more in than you spend. But this shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice your children’s school life because of all areas, and this is one that should be protected.



Savvy clothes shopping

Children’s clothes are the largest expense school expense for many parents for two reasons. One, schools will have their own uniform policy, and so you have to buy clothes with unique badges and colors to follow the rules. Two, at a young age children are growing rapidly and something that may fit them a month ago may not the next month or at least be too tight. So savvy clothes shopping you have to figure out what the base of the uniform is. Usually, children will be allowed to wear a plain polo t-shirt underneath their jumpers or cardigans so try to buy these in bulk. They can also be just one size larger than currently worn as children can tuck the bottom into their pants and not outgrow them in a year. It’s common for school children to be told to only wear black shoes as part of their uniform so double check before buying your kids the trendiest sneakers to go to school in.



Absorbing unexpected costs

School life has gotten more involved and complex the further the decades have gone. Nowadays there are lots of school trips all year round, as well as text books that get updated and new versions published which children are expected to have. If you’re in a financial pinch and you can’t pay sudden unforeseen expenses, consider the options of doorstep loans for quick and manageable cash injections. The maximum you can take out is £500 so already this type of loan is in the smaller category. And as such the laws that regulate it are quite reasonable and more in favor of the receiver. You won’t be expected to pay more than double what you took out, and the payment plan and schedule can all be negotiated. This kind of financial assistance is great if you don’t want you, children, to miss out on trips that other children are taking and other activities such as school plays that are funded by parents.


Stationary buying

Apart from clothes and text books, children need to have good stationary. Nobody wants their child to be the one who is always asking around for a pen or a piece of paper. It may not seem like a big deal, but good quality stationery is something that bolsters learning. Tatty and ripped books along with a singular pen just isn’t a good look and may come off as the parent not caring. Buying stationary doesn’t have to be done at the local school equipment store as they will tend to overcharge. Equally, you should look to buy in bulk well before the start of the school year as prices will inevitably be jacked up. Avoid buying pencil cases will equipment already inside them as it will be cheap and easily malfunction or break. Far better to create your own for your child. Buy a pencil case that is made out of rubber and not fabric or synthetic fibers. Fabric will rip and get punctured easily, and synthetic fibers don’t tend to flex and allow more things to be stored inside. Buy big if you can, such as large erasers, pencils, rulers and crayons as they will be more sturdy.



Informing the teachers

If you’re having a little money trouble never feel as if you cannot talk to the teachers. They just like you, want the best for the children and leveling with them about your financial squeeze can prove to work in your favor. By asking them if you may get a little help, teachers can talk to the administrators at the school, and your child may be entitled to a little extra support. Anything from free school lunches, a reduction of cost for trips and books, as well as discounts on stationary and maybe even the school uniform. It can be a little tough to swallow, but pride shouldn’t stand in the way of your children receiving the best education and experience of learning. You can also ask that none of the other children are made aware that your child is getting some support by their actions being discrete. You may be able to strike up a relationship with your child’s teacher and become informed on other ways of saving money as a parent. They know the ins and outs of the system and where to go for a good deal.


Every household with children goes through a tight squeeze period with money troubles. Children are not to be blamed for this, and their education and general school life should be protected. They’re only little for a short while so why sacrifice their enjoyment when you can control spending, be a savvy shopper and find ways of getting the most out of the school itself. Clothes are the number one priority so look for items which aren’t strictly controlled by the school’s uniform policy. A short term loan with very reasonable regulations can make life so much easier in giving your children what they need and want for school also.


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