Why You Should Start Sewing… Yesterday!

One of the most rewarding feelings is to create something that my children love.  A way that I enjoy doing this is by sewing.  Last Christmas, I made each of them a blanket, and they absolutely loved them.  Each time I see them using their blankets, my heart just soars.  When Aakarsh from Sewist Guide reached out to join our Summer Guest Blogger Series, I was super excited!  I hope that your passion to pickup this amazing hobby will be ignited.  So, without further ado, I turn the page over to Aakarsh.


Why you should have started Sewing like… Yesterday!


Sewing, usually perceived as a skill generally practiced by the old, is under a huge misconception.  This misinterpretation usually leads us to believe the fact that this craft is something which we would not be indulging ourselves in due to its minimalistic and underrated nature.  However, what we don’t realize is that the clothes we wear involve major sewing and garment processing.


We also tend to ignore the huge advantages attached to learning this skill set, for our everyday as well as future use.  Not confusing it with a hobby of hassle, it’s more of a stress-reliever and a mental health conditioner.  But well, why exactly should we indulge in sewing?



Reasons to start sewing NOW!


1. Creativity Enhancement

People all around the world are always talking about how they would like to find their niche and passion soon and start working on it.  In such situations, hands-on, practical experiences could contribute as huge performance boosters.  The creations and projects too, will tend to always be unique and extremely creative for future use.


2. Means of Income

Generally, people like having a side income, apart from their usual paying job. Making a side job out of a passion or hobby, which they love, is an ideal situation.  It is important to take breaks from the usual routine and indulge in activities, so as to make an extra income too.  Apart from that, saving up on alterations and repair would also be an advantage once the skill is at the tip of your fingers.



3. Stress Reduction

The loathing of stress over people today is not an unknown factor.  In order to break through this cycle of constant pestering and over-thinking, anger, depression and routine problems – a soothing, distracting and calm activity is an ideal solution.  The feeling of accomplishment of finishing pieces and projects contributes to positive feelings of creativity and encourages brain activity, while re-setting brain levels.


4. Home Decor

Not only is this option extremely convenient for a sewer, but also very beneficial.  You can start from sewing cushion covers, curtain patterns and other materials and fabric for your house decor, in your own personalized way.  You can also customize different covers, pen stand covers and almost anything, in an inexpensive way due to your profitable skill.



5. Be Green

An activity involving contribution to a more eco-friendly and green environment is a great hobby to indulge in for an environment enthusiast. You can use your sewing skills by providing and souring fabrics and final projects to green manufacturers, who use eco-friendly solutions and means, as well as practice your own set of alterations to clothes and fabric materials.


6. Hobby to Profession

By using the skill set of sewing as an entrepreneur, you can widen your professional horizon.  By leading to form a business and career out of your creative hobby, you can not only use sewing as a job, but will also be working professionally for a job which you love and would prolong for a long period in order to make profits on the business sides as well.



7. Be Exclusive

Most people like to appear out of the crowd and showcase their different sense of styles and fashion.  With sewing, you can be responsible to create your own garments, add and subtract designs and finally enhance your appearance as well as showcase your sense of style uniquely.  Garment construction and designing through sewing can thus benefit you socially too.


8. Patience and Dedication

Sewing is a creative hobby that involves a lot of patience for it to work out finely,  with a perfect finish.  It also takes a good amount of time to be perfect at.  The amount of time, energy as well as dedication the hobby requires is not easy, but is extremely rewarding.  The craft itself teaches you a lot of patience and dedication, not only towards the sewing, but also for life in general.


So, in a culture valuing convenience, a hugely beneficial skill wouldn’t really hurt!




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