Stay Healthy in the Age of Mom

When you become a Mom, it is easy to allow your wants and needs to take the back foot. You are even busier than you were before, and it is a challenge trying to keep up with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A lot of people find they run on empty and get stuck in a rut. Looking after yourself seems like an unnecessary chore. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You need to take care of number one, and the good news is there are plenty of simple methods to aid a  healthier lifestyle in the age of Mom:

Eat more fruit

Are you a bit of a grazer? Do you find yourself heading towards the fridge in the evening? It may be an idea to buy fruit or vegetables while you are at the supermarket, rather than that chocolate bar. Grapes, strawberries, or dried apricots are a great, healthier alternative. Small changes in diet can go a long way. Cutting down on sugar is not only good for your waistline and teeth, it can also help prevent mood swings, diabetes, and less sugar is good for your skin.

Increase daily exercise

Ideally, you need to be doing at least 20 minutes of physical movement each day. But it may not be practical for you to get on that treadmill or exercise bike. But, are you prone to driving everywhere? Instead of driving to the local convenience store walk there, or when you go to the supermarket, park at the rear end of the carpark, so you are required to walk just that little further. If you can increase your exercise routine, you will find your stress levels reduce and you generally feel happier.

Take time out for you

Every Mom needs ‘me time’. Ensure you have that night out with friends once a month. Have a romantic night in with your partner. Go to that contemporary art class you always wanted to go to, or get that massage you’ve been dying for. Have a health checkup, and don’t forget your teeth. Teeth are far more important to your health than you may realise. You may need some work done, and you have been putting it off for fear it will take up too much of your precious time. But these days even significant work can be done quickly, for example, you can get same day crowns. If you spend a bit of time focusing on yourself, it will recharge your batteries and make you feel as if you can take on the next big challenge.

Drink more water

Instead of buying that bottle of pop, drink water. There are so many health benefits attributed to increasing your water intake such as your skin clearing up and you looking more radiant, to helping you with weight loss. It is a natural detoxifier, and it is so easy to add more pints of water to your daily drinking habits. Water falls from your tap at home, all you have to do it catch it with a glass.