Stay Healthy In The Office This Week

When you work 9-5 for most of the week, it can take a toll on your mind and your body after a while. Sitting at a desk all day, eating snack and staring at a computer screen can affect your health in small ways, and after a prolonged period in more severe ways.



Did you know that if you are diagnosed with depression after being in an office environment that you can make a claim with personal injury lawyers? It’s a little known fact and goes missed by many people who suffer from stress related illnesses due to heavy workload and hours. Luckily, there are some ways that you can keep yourself healthy this week the office and prevent illness or injury.


It’s very easy to overeat when you are sat at a desk all day, so be mindful to leave those biscuits or cupcakes out of sight to stop you from binge eating. It will add extra calories to your daily intake and can make you put on weight quite quickly. To stop yourself from binging, keep any snacks in the kitchen if you have one- that way you’ll have to physically get up to get a snack if you want one.


Instead of keeping biscuits at your desk, try keeping a punnet of berries or grapes. It will encourage you to eat healthier and get that much needed boost to your 5-a-day.


Stay hydrated. It is so important that you drink enough water to keep your body healthy and prevent headaches as you work. The average adult should be consuming 2 liters of water each day at least. If you find it difficult to drink water on its own, try adding fruit such as strawberry and lemon to add some flavor.  


The hardest thing to stay on top of when you work in an office environment is exercise. Because you are stuck at the desk all day, you can develop back and posture problems, as well as gaining weight due to lack of movement. Try and make it a routine to go for a walk on your lunch break to stretch your legs, it will help your heart and burn some calories.



Another great way to stay fit at work is to work out in the morning or on your lunch break. Ask your employer if they have a space you can use, bring a yoga mat to work and follow some Yoga videos on your phone. Most workplaces will have a shower you can use to rinse off afterwards, and you’ll return to the second half of your day feeling invigorated.


Try and control how much you are eating during the day. At lunchtime, pack yourself some rice and chicken with vegetables to stop you having to buy lunch at work. It will stop you being tempted to overeat and then sit at your chair for the afternoon with a hefty amount of food in your belly. Stick to foods which digest easily and release energy slowly throughout the day.