How To Stay Safe At Work

Safety is a top priority in our house.  Whether it’s being safe while we walk home from the bus stop, or using safety gear when we ride our bikes, I attempt to teach the kids to pay attention to what needs to be done in order to keep them safe in their activities.  Kids aren’t the only ones who need to think about safety though.  Even as adults, it is still a concern that we should be focusing on.  Today I share a contributed article that talks about different ways that we can ensure we are being safe when we are at work.



Although your workspace should have all the safety precautions set in place, you should never just rely on that to keep you safe – it’s your responsibility just as much as it is theirs.

Here are some useful tips to keep you safe and well at work.


Take regular breaks

A lot of injuries are caused by repetitive actions that gnaw away at your body until something pops, pulls, or tears. This is why it’s so important to take enough breaks to keep yourself fresh. A tip for this is to schedule in your most difficult takes first thing in the morning, as not only does it get them out of the way, but this is usually when our bodies are most productive, and our minds are focused.


Be aware of your surroundings

This can only be done properly when you know all of the possible hazards within your workplace. Then and only then will you be able to stay away from any danger areas or bad situations. If your job requires you to be around machinery, make sure you’re always alert.


Protect yourself legally

For whatever reason an issue has happened, and you have gotten hurt at work, and it was someone else’s fault, it’s very important to get yourself a personal injury lawyer. This is to make sure that you are being treated fairly and aren’t left with some pricey medical bills if you got hurt due to someone else’s lack of care.



Report unsafe conditions

If you have noticed something that doesn’t look right, whether it’s broken, breaking, or generally unreliable, it should be reported to your supervisor. Even if it seems minor, it could turn into a terrible disaster. Your bosses are legally obligated to take action if something has been reported – regardless of what they think about the issue personally.


Keep the correct posture

If you work at a desk all day, it’s very important that you keep the correct posture so you don’t hurt yourself. This means your shoulders should be in line with your hips, your back should be straight, and the computer screen should be at eye level. If you have to pick heavy things up daily, bend your knees not your back, and avoid twisting into unusual positions.


Keep emergency exits easily accessible     

If in any event there is an emergency, you will need to have quick and easy access out of the building. You, as well as the other employees and managers always need to make sure that nothing is put in the way to obstruct the emergency exits. If something is in the way – move it immediately.    


Reduce workplace stress

Minor stresses can turn into bigger ones, and that can lead to depression which can cause major problems for you at work, as well as in your daily life. This can be caused by a heavy workload, long hours, and conflict between coworkers and managers. If you have anything on your mind, speak to your supervisor about it and see how they can help you.


What steps do you take to ensure you are being safe at your job?

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