5 Steps To A Happier You

Are you happy? It’s a loaded question, and it’s one you might answer differently from one day to the next. You might answer “yes, but…” and then offload those things that are hindering you from your ideal state of happiness. On the other hand, you might say “no” and then list off everything that is getting you down. And let’s face it, none of us are truly happy at every moment of every day. Sometimes, life does get us down and that is perfectly natural.


Despite the ups and downs of life, there are ways to improve our chances of happiness. Consider the following and try relating them to your life.



Step 1: Stop yearning for perfection

There is no such thing as a perfect life, no matter how much you try and strain for it. The higher your expectations, the lower your disappointments will be. So, be happy with what you do have, and practice gratitude. Be happy that you have a roof over your head. Be happy that there are people in your life who love you. Be happy that you are who you are, imperfections and all, and be thankful that you have had the time to read this article today.


Step 2: Focus on me-time

Life is busy, and there will be times when you have little time to focus on yourself and your needs. Still, you do need to make room for me-time, whether that’s giving yourself a spa-like experience at home – see our article at www.skirtgirlie.com – or taking time out from your family and work schedule to take part in hobbies that you enjoy. Life is demanding, but you won’t be any happier if you don’t give yourself a break once in a while. Give yourself a little bit of self-loving today.


Step 3: Have a positive mindset

It’s difficult to get into a positive mindset when life gets you down. From the bills that land in your mailbox to the arguments you have with others, it’s little wonder you take the glass half-full approach to life’s challenges sometimes. Still, that won’t do you any favors. So, try and focus on the positive, whatever happens in your life. Whether you take the guided course given by www.masterthemind.com or memory affirmation mantras, turn your mental frown upside down and try to look at the positive in any given situation. And if  there are no positives? Do something about the negatives to improve your future.


Step 4: Give to others

There is something about giving to others that can make us feel intrinsically happy. It’s that Christmas Day feeling when you see the smile on somebody else’s face when they have opened the gift you bought them. Follow that through in your everyday life, finding ways to make other people happy, and seeing your own happiness grow as you get the personal reward from the fruits of your actions. So, be kind to those around you, give to a charity you care about, and offer your time to those in need.



Step 5: Care for your health

Here’s our final step, and you may have seen this coming. The healthier you are, the happier you will be. From following the fun exercise ideas at www.huffingtonpost.com to eating a healthier diet, you will give greater care to both your body and mind. You will feel better both physically and mentally, giving you greater capacity to deal with life, whatever it throws at you on a daily basis.


Do you have any tips towards a happier life? Be sure to let us know. Take care, be happy, and thanks for reading!


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