You’ve Made Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions, Now You’ve Just Got To Stick To Them!

There’s no better a time for a lot of people than the new year to start making changes in their lives. Pretty much everyone has some kind of resolution that they make in the new year, and the vast majority of them tend to revolve around health. (Which isn’t exactly surprising considering how much most of us tend to eat over the holidays!) Of course, for every new gym membership that people sign up for in the first week of January, the first of February often brings empty gyms, unused treadmills, and discarded diet plans. But is that the way things have to be? Are we all just doomed to give up on our healthy new year’s resolutions? Well, here are a few simple things that you can do to make sure that you stick with yours.



Write things down

There’s a system that comedian Jerry Seinfeld uses when it comes to writing jokes called “Don’t Break The Chain.” The basic idea is that you can fill in the spaces of your calendar each day as long as you stick with whatever you’ve committed yourself to. So if you’ve decided to stick to a new diet or a fresh exercise regime, then you’re going to be able to mark off each day on your calendar. This incredibly simple visual aid can be hugely effective when it comes to motivating yourself to stick with your healthy lifestyle, even when things get tough.


Get some support

It’s easy to make excuses to yourself about why you can skip out on a day at the gym, or cheat on your diet for a day or two, but it’s much harder to make those excuses to someone else. If you struggle to keep yourself motivated then try working out and dieting with a friend or family member. That way, not only do you have someone to keep you honest, but you can both motivate each other every step of the way.




Now, don’t panic. When you hear supplements, you might start thinking of things like anabolic steroids, but in reality, most supplements are entirely natural and totally harmless. Not only that but they can be incredibly beneficial when you’re trying to embrace a healthier way of living. From 4 benefits of nootropics to alternative treatments for things like weight loss, fertility and a lot more, there are supplements on the market that can help just about anyone. The increase in results that you can see by taking natural supplements can be incredibly motivating and can help you to push yourself even harder to achieve your fitness goals.   


Healthy resolutions are often the hardest ones to keep because they often involve at least a certain degree of sacrifice. However, as with pretty much all positive changes to your health, the sacrifices that you end up making are often well worth the benefits that come with them. Sure, you might want to spend a lot of your time hanging out on the couch, but when you’re living a healthier, more active lifestyle, you’ll come to appreciate that time so much more since it comes without the guilt!


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