Stop Wasting Water In Your Home With This Advice

Family life is very hectic, meaning rules are forgotten, and everyone is living in a constant state of rush. I find there are loads of little things around the house that are always neglected, and they end up creating quite big problems for our family.


One of those things is the amount of water we waste every day. People leave taps on for too long or do other things that waste water. As a result, the parents end up getting the brunt of the pain with a massive utility bill every month. This is even worse when it’s hot water that’s been wasted. So, here are my tips to help you stop wasting water in your home.



Check Every Faucet

Sometimes, I’ll let the kids off and say it’s not their fault that a faucet keeps running. It’s highly common for some faucets to deteriorate over time and end up dripping or running water constantly. Loads of people just don’t bother getting them fixed because it seems like too much effort for a little drip. But, as you can see on, faucet repair is a pretty basic plumbing job. So, it shouldn’t cost that much, and you will fix this issue and stop wasting water. Plus, it may seem like a tiny drip or drizzle, but it all adds up over time!


Stop Leaving Water Running

We’re all guilty of letting the water run out of a faucet from time to time. This happens when we brush our teeth and let it run for the full two minutes, or when men shave and leave the tap running to rinse off their razor. Over the course of a week, you could waste so much water just by doing this. So, stop doing it! Turn off the tap when everyone brushes their teeth and get into the habit of only running water when you physically use it right then and there. Oh, and as a bonus tip for people with children, get them to brush their teeth at once. This enables you to check they all brush their teeth first of all, but also prevent the taps running multiple times.



Get Water Saving Shower Heads

I bet you didn’t know that you could find shower heads that are designed to conserve and use less water? Well, it’s true, and you can see them on if you don’t believe me. Installing one of these in your shower will help you waste less water every single day.  I would highly recommend getting a handheld shower option. Even if you stay in the shower for a little bit too long as you can’t bring yourself to get out, it should counter that and mean you don’t use more than the average household should.


At the end of the day, using too much water isn’t a disaster like some of the things I spoke about in this post: But, it can mean your family pays more for your water bill when you simply shouldn’t have to. Try and get everyone aware of water usage and you’ll end up saving money that can go towards a new family holiday, family car, or furniture for the kid’s bedrooms.


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