Got A Whiff? Strange Home Smells Solved

What’s that smell? Has someone left something in the oven? Or maybe one of your plants has died without realizing? Hopefully, whatever the smell is, it doesn’t mean that there is something big for you to deal with in your home…


If a smell completely flummoxes you, it’s important to get to the bottom of it. After all, it could be a sign that something is wrong in your home! Here are some of the most common mysterious smells in the home and what might be causing them.




Natural gas doesn’t have an odor but, thankfully, chemicals are added to it so that we are able to sniff it. If you can smell a slightly gassy or rotten-egg fragrance, you could have a gas leak in your home. This is very dangerous as it could poison you and even cause a fire or explosion. You need to get everyone out of the house straight away and call the local gas board to come and check it out for you.



If you can smell wetness around your home, it is likely to be a sign that your property is suffering from damp or mold on the walls. This will be in one of the downstairs rooms and on an exterior wall. When you find the damp patch, you should try and wipe it clean. You can then paint it with some damp and mold-proof paint to ensure that it doesn’t return.



Can you smell smoke while you aren’t cooking anything? It’s not your kitchen skills then! It is probably because one of your home’s systems is overheating. The smell will be strongest close to the thing that is overheating. Is the smell coming from your heating or air-con system? If so, you should get an HVAC repair to take a look at things. If it is coming from a light switch or plug socket, you should call out an electrician to take a look.



Something smelling musty? In this case, it sounds like you have a problem with an undiscovered leak in your plumbing. You might even have a broken pipe on your hands. Don’t panic, though; calling out a plumber to take a look at your plumbing should do the trick. You might also notice that there is a general moldy smell as well, as there is a good chance that the leak will have caused mold to grow on the surrounding walls.


Wet Dog

It can be quite worrying to smell a wet dog around your home all the time… especially if you don’t have a dog! This is a sign that you have some unwelcome houseguests. Unfortunately, such a strong smell indicates that the pests might be quite large – think something along the lines of raccoons or rats. If you don’t want to deal with this yourself, you can call a pest control company to come and deal with your problem for you.


Hopefully, your mysterious smell won’t linger around for too long now that you know these common causes!


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