Simple, Effective Strategies To Help You Save Money Each Month

Most of us have grown up being told how important it is to save money – whether it’s saving for bigger things in the future like travel, cars, houses, just for a safety net, or even just being taught to manage money as children by being encouraged to save our pocket money.


However, sometimes the reality of saving money can be a little different than the idea, and although we may have the best of intentions when it comes to keeping something aside each month, it may not always feel like something that’s possible because life is expensive and costs seem to be rising all the time.


The good news is, though, that saving money each month is not actually about how much you save, but more about getting into the habit of saving and over time you’ll see your efforts build up, so whether you’re saving for something specific or just to have a little financial cushion to fall back on if needed, in this post, we’re going to share with you some simple, yet effective strategies to help you save money each month.



Goal apps:

As the saying goes “there’s an app for that” and it really seems to be the case for pretty much everything these days. With more and more people relying on mobile devices for their daily internet use, we’re seeing that apps are becoming more of a common feature in our lives. Not only are apps easy and fast to use, but they keep everything right where it’s needed without having to go searching for a website or dig through emails or files. Goal setting apps can be found in almost any area, and you can find general ones that you can add your own goals to, or you can focus on specific goals that you want to achieve which are based around habits you want to break or form.

For example, you could be someone who spends a good bit of money on cigarettes or alcohol each month, and since these are extremely expensive items anyway, you may not even be buying a lot of them, but you may not have much idea just how much of your monthly income goes to these, and with a goal setting app to break these habits, not only will your wallet benefit from the cost, your health will benefit, and you’ll feel incredibly motivated when you see that money rising each month. If you do feel like you need a little extra support to break either of these habits, there’s plenty of support available offline and even online, such as blogs about women’s sober living or success stories from those who have kicked the cigarette habit.


Paying deposits:

A great strategy for motivating yourself to save for something – for example, a vacation is to get some skin in the game and committing yourself by putting down a small deposit. Most travel companies will allow this nowadays and give you plenty of time to pay it up, so not only do you have something to look forward to, but you’re not over-stretching yourself financially and are still paying for something you want without going into debt.


Vision Boards:

If you’re a visual person, then vision boards are great things to get you motivated for saving for your goals. You can use digital or physical vision boards and simply add images and text that symbolize what your goal will look like when it comes to life.