The Struggle Of Raising Kids In The 21st Century

Parenting is a privilege and one that you are incredibly lucky to get the chance to experience. The fact is that there are millions of people across the world who aren’t able to become parents for one reason or another, which is why it’s important to realize just how lucky you are to be a parent. That being said, while parenting is a privilege and one that you shouldn’t take for granted, being a mom or a dad is no easy task, especially in the 21st century.


In many ways, we live in the most incredible time that ever has been – medicine has advanced beyond our wildest dreams, there are some amazing educational opportunities available, and we are lucky to have everything that we need to survive, or at least, in the US we do. However, in other ways, parenting in the 21st century is incredibly difficult, as there are many moral struggles that we, as parents, must face.


The responsibility of raising happy, healthy, well-rounded kids can be overwhelming and can make dealing with the struggles that come with raising kids in the 21st century, more challenging to navigate. To make dealing with these struggles a little easier, below I have delved into some of them and attempted to come up with answers to make modern day parenting that little bit easier.



Is it safe to let your kids play outside?

Within a heartbeat, most parents would answer no, it’s not safe to let kids play outside. Of course, whether it is or isn’t safe to let kids play outside in the street or at the local park like we used to do as children, depends on where you live, as well as your personal feelings on the subject. However, outdoor play is incredibly important for kids, which is why so many parents struggle with this question.


Kids may not be able to roam freely, like we used to do, riding their bikes, building dens, and exploring the local area, only returning home when the street lights turn on, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play outside. It’s just a case of having some rules in place to ensure that your kids stay safe, such as only playing where you can see them, always telling an adult where they are going, and understanding what ‘stranger danger’ is. A lot of parents are now using GPS trackers to keep their kids safe, by placing a GPS watch or bracelet on them, or a GPS in their shoes. This kind of technology is amazing for keeping kids safe and putting our minds at rest as parents.



How much technology time is acceptable?

We live in an era where technology is a significant part of our daily lives, which means that as parents we have to wonder how much technology is acceptable for our children to be using and growing up around. Kids can get addicted to technology, such as tablets, TVs, and games consoles, which is why it’s so important to infringe limits on how much time each day they can spend on them. But the question is, how much is too much?


As a rule of thumb, you want your kids to spend more time outside playing or having fun with their non-electrical toys than watching TV or using their tablet. So it’s important to set usage limits that reflect this. Ideally, you don’t want your kids having any more than three hours a day of screen time, especially as various studies have shown that too much screen time can lead to nearsightedness and other vision problems, as well as impacting a child’s ability to fall asleep.


Raising kids in the 21st century is no easy task, but hopefully, the advice above will help to make navigating the struggles that come with it, easier.


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