Stylish Lighting For The Exterior Of Your Home

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Exterior lighting can make or break the outdoor ambience, and with LED solutions, you now have much more of a choice regarding color and tone. Low input LED lighting uses minimum energy and with such a vast range of lighting fixtures available, you are not limited in your choices, and if you are lacking in ideas, a Google image search will bring up many fine examples of outdoor lighting.



Patterned Lighting

There are special light fittings that leave patterns of light onto a wall or exterior surface, which can be found at lighting stores Perth buyers frequent such as Alti Lighting, where you can browse a wide selection of indoor and outdoor lighting, all at very affordable prices. Squares, circles and ovals can all be incorporated into your exterior lighting, highlighting wall sections to good effect, while this type of lighting works well against a backdrop of evergreen trees.


Floor Level Lighting

This will add a whole new dimension to a pathway, while ground level lighting also looks good in a natural setting, highlighting trees and shrubs, and with a myriad of colours, the only thing that limits you is your imagination. Illuminating walkways makes for a safer environment and with a range of shading, you can mute as much light as you wish.


Cascading Light

If you have a large expanse of wall, why not set up a few spots that cascade waves of light? This can be down or up, depending on your preference and you are not limited with colours. Light blue brings a touch of the ocean, while violet adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the garden.


Image Source: Pixabay


LED Strip Lighting

If you would like to add some Disney charm to your garden, simply hang a few LED strips on nearby trees and voila! These handy strips come with an adhesive backing, which means you can affix them under (or around) window frames, for a magically warm atmosphere.


Image Source: Unsplash


Fluorescent Light Tubes

These really do complement cement or concrete walls, especially in the corners, making for ideal general lighting, and with a choice of daylight or cool light, you can easily highlight one specific area. They can be fixed either vertically or horizontally and with a range of cool colors, you can match the surroundings with ease.


Solar Powered Garden Lighting

These are great and with a small solar panel affixed on top of the unit, they store the sunlight and automatically come on when the natural light drops. Some can be simply pushed into the ground illuminating your borders, or you can place a few on the lawn, which will add color and depth to the garden.


There are many exciting ways to illuminate your exterior space and with LED solutions, you are only limited by your own imagination. All the colors of the light spectrum are available and with stunning effects, your home will come to life when the sun goes down.