What’s Your Perfect Summer Vacation?

Vacation!  Now there’s a word that sounds like music to my ears!  The chance to get away from the everyday routine of regular life and do things differently.  Whether you go far away from home, to a fancy resort, a small trip somewhere relaxing, or you just stay home but change things up a bit, a vacation can be the break from life that you need to hit the reset button.



This past week we went on a little vacation.  Three kids in one car for six hours (each way), to share a one room hotel for two nights…  Yup!  We’re crazy!  But it was well worth it. The family bonding that happened on this trip rocked!  It was such a wonderful, relaxing experience – well, when the kids weren’t fighting that is.


What is your favorite type of vacation?  Do you stay in a hotel or pop up a tent?  Do you hit the amusement parks or the nature parks?  Do you fly or drive?  Beach or mountains?  Music festival or art museum?  I have a quiz below for you to take that will show you the perfect vacation type for you!


Take the Quiz and let me know if it matches what you were thinking the best vacation would be!




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