The Super Mom’s Morning Routine

Mornings with kids are hard work. Especially if you also work. You can find that even if the kids get you up at 5am, you’re still rushing around 10 minutes before you have to leave for school in a desperate bid to get everyone ready on time. This is made considerably harder in winter when you’ve got the traumatic experience of getting children’s gloves, hat and scarf on to contend with.


The more stressed out you get, the worse the kids behave and the later you are. Then, if you’re late for school, you are late for nursery, and then late for work, with your stress levels rising all of the time. This can lead to you having a terrible day, not getting things done and returning home for the evening in a horrible mood, only to find you struggle to sleep and the next day starts off even worse as you’re battling just to wake up.


Believe it or not, having a great morning routine can make you feel like a super mom. Starting the day off right, and getting everything done in plenty of time means you head out of the house on time, happy and relaxed, with well-behaved kids that do everything you want them to. You’ll all have a much better day and be in a fabulous mood when you get home. Here are some great tips to help you get that morning routine down.




Do as much as you can the night before to make your morning easier. Get everyone’s clothes laid out in their rooms. Prepare any packed lunches and even set our breakfast bowls and cups. You could find even the smallest thing, like leaving your keys by the door saves you time and makes your morning easier.


Try to think about the things that slow you down, or you hate doing. Do them the night before when you’re not rushed or stressed out.


Streamline Your Shower

It can be easy to spend 20 minutes enjoying a hot shower, especially when it’s cold outside. But, there’s no need. Showering in the morning is a good idea as it helps you to feel alert and awake, but you can speed it up. If you shave your legs every day, Laser hair removal provides permanent hair reduction making it easier to avoid. You could also skip hair washing some days; you probably shouldn’t be doing it as often anyway.


Avoid Your Phone

So many of us now spend time first thing in the morning checking our phones. This is such as waste of time, especially if you are doing it while you are still in bed. Leave your phone in another room overnight and don’t even look at it until you are showered and dressed.



Eat Breakfast

It may seem like skipping breakfast will save time, but it could leave you sluggish and slow. Eat a healthy breakfast such as eggs or porridge to help yourself wake up.


Set the Kids Tasks

Give the kids their own morning jobs to help out. The tasks will depend on their age, but get them to do as much for themselves as possible, as well as small tasks like putting breakfast bowls in the dishwasher.


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