Taking Care Of Fine Hair: Things To Remember

Whether you have fine hair that is long and silky or thick hair with springy curls, each has its own positives and negatives. Both require proper care and styling to keep your hair healthy and attractive. Neglect and unhealthy practices could permanently damage your hair.


Though fine hair lacks volume and could get tangled and look lifeless at times, they are soft and silky and have a natural shine. You can easily style your hair using a hair iron or a curling wand and you require only a little amount of hair products to coat your hair. What are some of the important things to keep in mind when it comes to fine hair?



The right hair care products in the right amounts

Whether it is the hairstyling products or a shampoo and conditioner, not all products work well for people with fine hair. That’s why you require a volumizing shampoo that could make your hair look dense especially at the roots. Apply a conditioner towards the ends of your hair and avoid using it towards the roots. Don’t use hair styling gels and creams that are thick on fine hair as that could weigh your hair down. A texturizing hairspray that’s light would be a good choice if you have fine hair.


Wash your hair regularly

Unlike people who have thick and curly hair, the people with fine hair have strands that are smaller in diameter. So, it’s easier for fine hair to get coated with the natural oils from your scalp in no time, making it greasy. When it’s ok for people with thick hair to wash their hair once or twice every week you may have to do it every day or on alternate days to keep your hair free of oil and grease. This will make your hair look fresh and fluffy.


Blow dry your hair only on the low setting

Make sure that you blow dry your hair on the lowest heat setting of the dryer in the direction of the growth of your hair. Use your fingers to lift your hair from its roots as you dry it. Once your hair is around 80% dry brush your hair using a hairbrush and continues to blow dry it. This will keep your hair soft and fresh.


Texture for fine hair

One of the best ways to add volume to your fine hair is by adding texture to it using a curling iron. Apply a heat protectant before using the best curling iron for fine hair 2018 to prevent unwanted damages.


A good haircut

Fine hair that is quite long could look really thin and flat. To add life to your hair discuss with a good hairdresser and choose a hairstyle that would make your hair look voluminous. Avoid adding layers as that could cause the tips of your hair to look quite thin.


Using the right products, giving proper care, choosing the right hairstyles and a healthy routine is absolutely necessary to keep your fine hair in the right shape.