How To Have Time To Take Pride In Your Appearance

Let’s face it, being a Mother is a full-time job, and one of the last of our concerns is looking good. Sure, it’d be great to wake up with a full face of makeup, hair styled to perfection, with a killer outfit laid out ready for you to throw on. But uncertainty that’s not how it works, and the idea of doing all of that ourselves is definitely an overwhelming thought – one that none of us even have any time to entertain.

But what if you made time? Crazy thought, right? But it may not be as daunting as it may sound.



There are plenty of ways you can up your appearance without having to lose hours out of your busy day. So here are the best hacks for all you Mums out there.


Curl in advance

This may seem a little bizarre, but if you have a set of curlers of even straighteners that can curl – do it when you have some free time. One great thing about curling your hair – especially with straighteners – is that it holds for a pretty long time. Of course, the day after won’t look how they looked when you originally did it, but they’re still very nice, just looser, giving you those sexy beach waves instead. You can get away with keeping your hair like this for a few days. When you go to bed just tie it up loosely in a low ponytail and that will suffice. When you wake up just flip your hair a little and welcome the wavy locks.


The messy bun

There are so many trendy hairstyles out there that begin with the word messy. The messy bun, the messy high ponytail, the messy low ponytail – and so on. These are so popular nowadays, and they will become your go-to look, without even having to try. One great tip to creating the perfect look is by tipping your head upside down and roughly gather all your hair into your hands. Then take the hair band from your wrist and tie it all up in a bun. Stand back up, and you’re good to go! Feel free to pull out loose strands that frame your face to give you more of that rustic vibe.


Heatless waves

If you like having a slight curl to your hair but you don’t want to have to apply any heat – or you just don’t have the time – don’t worry. Before you go to bed at night, give yourself two braids, and then go to sleep with them in. By the morning – or whenever you want your curls – just take out the braids gently, and you should be left with subtle curls. If your hair is relatively thin or just very straight, you may want to spray a little holding lacquer, mouse, or even just a little spritz of water, as there will be more chance of your hair holding the waves.


Hiding the bags

We all know that at times, the bags under our eyes become inevitable. There are one hundred and one things that we have to do in one day, so it’s totally normal to feel exhausted. One way of hiding the bags, other than placing slices of cucumbers over your eyes, is the beauty of concealer! This is a godsend for any exhausted individual. All you have to do is paint some over the required are, and blend it in with a beauty blender – or your finger if you’re in a mad rush, which you probably are most of the days. You can also use this to cover up any spots you may have.


Emphasize the eyes

As you’ve probably all heard before, the eyes are the windows to the soul; so you should be doing all you can to extenuate them. This doesn’t take as much work as you may think it does. You don’t need to go all out with eyeshadow, liner, and lashes. Sometimes it can be as simple as a little coat of mascara. This doesn’t take long at all, just give them a quick curl, as this will make the overall look even prettier, and then coat your lashes in a good mascara that will either lengthen, or thicken your lashes – or both!


Bring in the blush

It’s easy to look a little rundown at times, which gives you a loss of color and can leave you looking slightly pale. If this is what tends to happen to you, a bit of blusher or bronzer will work wonders. All you need is a large fluffy brush, and a warm shade that compliments your skin tone. Then you just need to apply a little blusher to the apples of your cheeks, or if you’re using a bronzer, you can apply it to multiple areas around your face that you feel need warming up.



Add moisture to the lips

All you need for this is a good lip balm that you can smother over your lips to avoid them from being dried and cracked. You can even get tinted balms that will give you a subtle pop of colour which is always welcomed. If you do tend to suffer for overly dry lips, you should make a note of exfoliating them a few times a week. You can do this before bed or in the morning by lightly brushing your lips with a soft toothbrush, with vaseline. This will remove any dead skin you have. Then just coat them in a soothing balm, and your lips will be juicy and smooth.


Now you have some of the best hacks to improving your appearance, start applying them to your daily routine. There are no more excuses for not having the time, because as you can see, none of them consume too much of it! So put them to use, and you will not only look new and improved, but you’ll definitely feel it too, and that’s one of the most important things. Don’t forget; you’re a beautiful Momma, so finish that overall look with that smile of yours.


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