Get It All Out! How Talking Can Improve Your Wellbeing

When it comes to dealing with negative experiences or issues in our lives, many of us bottle up our emotions and thoughts. We mistakenly believe that by ignoring our issues or sweeping them under the carpet, they will go away. However, it doesn’t take long to realise that you have to face up to your issues in order to overcome them and leave them behind in your past. A good place to start this process is by talking. Sure, talking may seem unproductive. But it’s an essential part of the gaining positive mental wellbeing in your life. Here are a few situations where talking can really improve your personal situation.



Talking Therapy

Talking therapy, otherwise known as psychotherapy, is a type of counselling that was originally developed by Sigmund Freud, whose research helped pioneer studies of the mind, the unconscious and our mental lives as distinct from our physical lives in general. However, it has come by leaps and bounds since then. Nowadays, it is used as a treatment for various psychological disorders or neuroses, such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. An effective clinical psychologist will be able to help you to cope with your feelings and change behavioral patterns that may be contributing to any undesirable symptoms that you may be experiencing. Generally speaking, talking therapy will help you to understand any mental health condition that you may be suffering from, outline goals for your progression, overcome any fears or insecurities that you may have, cope with stress logically, make sense of any past traumatic experiences, and separate your true self or personality from the moods or feelings caused by your condition. You can also identify triggers that lead to a worsening of your condition, thus allowing yourself to avoid them. Sessions might also even be able to stabilise tense or damaged relationships with your loved ones, establish a stable and dependable routine, and help you to develop a plan for dealing with potential future crises!


Decision Making

Having to make a big decision of sorts can pile excessive amounts of stress onto almost anyone. This decision can concern any area, from decisions pertaining to your career to questions regarding personal relationships, property, special occasions, or your general lifestyle. The list goes on and on. However, speaking to someone else about your concerns or qualms can help you to get your thoughts together and come to a final decision. This proves particularly effective if you communicate with someone who has similar previous experience or a specialist knowledge in the subject area that is causing you concern. They will be able to offer valuable advice and guide you along the way.



Resolving Problems

Another common source of stress in our daily lives tends to be suffering from the aftermath of arguments, disagreements, or other forms of confrontation. It’s pretty difficult to be happy and get on with your life while feeling frustrated and angry at someone or holding a grudge of sorts. Talking once the heat has died down will allow you to resolve the problems that caused the original argument in the first place.


As you can see, talking really can make a whole lot of difference to your life. So, stop burying your head in the sand and take these simple steps to improve your general wellbeing!

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