Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is one of my favorite times.  It gives me a chance to express my gratitude to the wonderful people who take my kids away during the day so that I can have a break help teach my children everything they need to know.  I don’t go over the top with gifts, and I try not to get them knick-knacks that will sit around and clutter shelves.  Instead, I go for simple and sweet things that they can either use or eat.  Need some ideas?  I’m happy to share these that I’ve collected over the years!



  • a potted plant that says, “Thank you for helping me grow!”
  • a can / bottle of soda pop that says, “You are SO-DA Bomb Teacher!” or “Pop. Pop. Fizz. Fizz. Oh, what a great teacher it is!” or “I’m SODA-lighted that you’ve been my teacher this year!” or “You’ve given me a thirst for knowledge!”
  • a package of Sharpies that says, “My future is looking SHARP since you’ve been my teacher!”
  • a pack of Extra gum that says, “Thanks for always going the EXTRA mile for me!”
  • an oven mit filled with baking supplies (cookie mix and cookie cutters, etc) that says, “I have to ad-MITT, you’re the best teacher!”
  • any candy, cookie, sweet treat that says, “Being in your class has been a sweet treat!”
  • a drink with a package of straws that says, “You’re an ex”STRAW”dinary teacher!”
  • a bottle of lotion (one that smells good) that says, “You’ve been a Scent-Sational Teacher!”
  • a package of donuts that says, “DONUT know what we would have done without you!”
  • a package of strawberries that says, “Thanks for being a Berry good teacher!”
  • some nail polish that says, “You’ve been a Toe-tally awesome teacher!”
  • a Target gift card that says, “Thanks for keeping me on TARGET this school year!”
  • a package of cookies (or homemade ones if you’re feeling up to it) that says, “Thank you for making me one smart cookie!”
  • a tin of mints that says, “You were just MINT to be my teacher!”
  • a bottle of hand soap that says, “Hands Down!  You’re the best teacher around!” or “I couldn’t have HAND picked a better teacher than you!” or “We’re in good HANDS with you!”
  • a Starbucks (or local coffee shop) gift card that says, “Thanks a LATTE for being such a great teacher!”
  • an Almond Joy that says, “It’s been a JOY being in your class!”
  • a bag of Starburst that says, “Bursting to tell you – You’re an amazing teacher!”
  • a box of assorted candy that says, “Teacher’s Emergency Kit”
  • a bucket full of orange things (candy, flowers, pencils, anything) that says, “Orange you glad it’s almost summer?!?”


Teacher Appreciation Week is the week beginning May 8th.  Let’s all remember to do something nice for our teachers.  They devote themselves to ensuring that our children get to grow into the wonderful adults that they will become.  I have the utmost respect for these amazing people.  I mean, I know that I wouldn’t have the patience to deal with 20 children all day, every school day, most of the year round.  God truly must hand pick special people and give them the blessing of extra patience and grace to fill this much needed role.  With as much as they give to us, let’s take this week to give back to them!


What’s the best memory you have of your favorite teacher?




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