Why Did No One Tell Me? Moving Out Of Home Edition

I don’t know about you, but many people often do things in life and learn as they go. One of the biggest learning experiences for many of us is moving out on our own, although there are a few things I wish someone would have told me about before I did it. That is why I have written a guide that deals with just that subject matter. Check it out below.



Budgets are crucial

Budgeting and living within your means it’s always important, as it’s quite possible to get in debt even when you are living at home your parents. However, it becomes even more important when you have moved out because all of the responsibility of paying the rent and bills is on your head.


That means if you overspend on one thing, you will have to sacrifice that amount from another. Something that could leave you eating dinners of beans on toast for a few weeks, or in the worst case scenario not being able to meet this month’s rent.


That is why it’s so important to be in control of your finances and create a budgeting system that works for you. This can be individual envelopes that you store your bill money in, a spreadsheet system or even a paper organizer. Just make sure that whatever you do, you are in control of it, rather than it being the other way around.



Curtains are not the only option

Something else that I wish I was told before moving out of home is that curtains aren’t the only option for decorating a window space. I mean it’s not like I have got anything against curtains per say, it just nice to know there are options. Some of which are really impactful and stylish.


Take simple Venetian blinds, for example, they can create a really polished and smart look in a home, and you can even choose S:CRAFT wooden window shutters for your home. With those, you can have a stylish but rustic vibe in any room in the house.



Try varying what you use to dress the windows from room to room too. Something that can give you a really nice change of ambiance from one area to the next.


You should make friends with the neighbors

Last, of all, I really wish someone had told me how important it is to be on friendly terms with the neighbors. There are so many reason for this, as well.


For one, they can keep an eye on your property while you are away for the weekend, or back visiting the folks at home. Then you can return the favour when they are away.  



Also, if you do ever have an issue like too much noise or their trees growing over into your property is much better to start from a position of cordially, and ask them nicely to do something about it. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, after all. A principle that is very useful to know before you move out of home.  


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