The History of Christmas Trees and How to Obtain in Your Area

A part of the Christmas experience is the magic of its tradition. Christmas trees are very much a part of Christmas celebrations. They date to as far back as the 16th century. So, let us explore this and just how you can obtain a real Christmas tree if that is your preference to uphold tradition.

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So, to the history and then the availability of Christmas trees, whether you are looking for a 4-foot Douglas Fir or a 12-foot Silvertip.

History of Christmas Trees

Germany is the country credited with starting the tradition of Christmas trees in the home. In the 16th century, devout Christians would introduce decorated trees into the home space. It is then believed that it was Martin Luther, a 16th century Protestant reformer, who then first added candles to them. Today, thinking of safety, we will replace the candles with electric lighting. Then we can have a range of colours that flash in a range of pattern combinations.

You might have heard of Prince Albert, who was married to Queen Victoria. He is responsible for bringing the Christmas tree to England. Another interesting fact from England is that, since 1947, the people of Norway have given London a Christmas tree as a gift. It is in appreciation of Britain’s support to Norway during the second world war. This is a tradition in itself.

Most 19th century Americans would find the Christmas tree something of an oddity. The first recorded one on display in the US was in the 1830s. This was because of the German settlers of Pennsylvania. Although, the trees had, of course, been a tradition in German homes much earlier.

Where Can You Obtain a Christmas Tree?

The choice of where you can obtain a Christmas tree is likely to be limited to whether you are looking for a real one or the artificial kind, to bring to mind your particular type of Christmas. If you had a real Christmas tree as a child, then it is likely you will want to continue that tradition to remember the magical Christmases you experienced from then.

Real Christmas trees can be purchased directly from those who grow them as well as garden centres and retail environments. This will be in addition to other Christmas decorations such as wreaths, which can also be purchased as real or artificial. If you desire a familiar and traditional Christmas smell and look, this can always be provided. Also, lots of light combinations can be achieved if that is your thing. Ornaments can also be obtained to represent the notable Christmas figures such as Father Christmas, snowmen, angels, shepherds, and the three wise men from the crib that celebrates the birth of Jesus. It depends on your religion, of course, whether you celebrate the nativity, but as with the choice of different trees, the choice is yours.

Real Tree v Artificial Tree?

So, let us spend some time now to consider the pros and cons of a real Christmas tree compared to an artificial one. Both can be purchased from retail outlets as well as real trees from the places that grow them. This means that you can order just what you want, making for an even wider choice. It is good when you are looking for a real tree to head for the business that specialises in growing those all year round to allow you to celebrate Christmas that traditional way. It was not, after all, until the 1920s that Woolworths would sell the first artificial trees. Until then, it was all real trees.

The advantage to real Christmas trees will be their long tradition, the choice of look and size to fit any situation and, in many cases, the smell of Christmas that they create.

In contrast, the artificial tree can be reused for someone on more of a budget. It can also come in forms already fitted with lights and decorations, and in a range of shades not possible with a real tree. Many with pets might consider opting for the artificial tree until they discover that many trees do not drop their needles as they had thought. So, it all depends on your preference and your budget in terms of wanting a fresh tree each year or wanting to reuse one from the previous year. It is hard to see the upside-down Christmas tree catching on, though.

To summarise, it makes it more special to know the history of Christmas trees to reaffirm just why we adorn our homes with them each Christmas. Then it is good to know that places exist that give us the choice of both real and artificial trees, which we will, in many cases, still be deciding between despite what we had the previous year. We might like a change, for instance.