There’s Something In The Air

As parents, we’re forever on the defence against anything which could do damage to our kids. Let’s be honest; once you start looking, there are a multitude of villains just waiting to harm them. The roads which seemed harmless in your previous life become ravaging roads of doom. The people who nod hello to you in the street go from friendly to concerning in one foul swoop. Parenting is an exhausting business, that’s for sure. Even the air your kids breathe can become a source of worry to you.


Of course, to a certain extent, you have to let your kids come up against these dangers. If you wrap them up and never let them out, you’ll do more damage than good. After all, only a kid who’s allowed to play outside can build resistance to dirt. Equally, only a child who’s allowed to cross those roads will know how to do so. And, when it comes to air, they need to adjust to the toxins they’ll be exposed to throughout their lives.

But, there are some air pollutants that we should keep away from our children altogether. Smoking is a prime example of something young lungs just can’t handle. Nor should they have to. But, there are other, less apparent pollutants which they could also do without. Of course, there’s nothing you can do about the air quality outside of your home. You may be a super parent, but your powers don’t stretch quite that far. There is, however, plenty you can do about the quality of air in your house. Here are just some of the steps you should take on a regular basis.

Open windows often

You shouldn’t need us to tell you the importance of opening your windows often. Within the home, mould spores and general bacteria build up on a regular basis. Even if you don’t notice it, simple acts such as boiling the kettle or taking a shower increase the likelihood of mold. Not to mention that failure to open windows often can result in that ‘stale air’ feeling which isn’t good for anyone.

During the summer, this is an easy enough task to achieve. Who doesn’t want the windows open when the sun is beating down? Yet, many of us neglect to crack the windows when it’s cold out. But, you should open a window in each room for at least ten minutes each day. It’s the only real way to keep unwanted bacteria at bay. Trust us; your kids will be much healthier for your efforts.

Bear in mind that, if you live right next to a road, you may want to avoid opening windows at the front of your house. Cars release a multitude of toxins which could do real damage if inhaled. If this is the case, focus on the windows which face the opposite direction where you can.


Purify your air

Of course, fresh air isn’t going to stay fresh for long once it’s trapped in the confines of your home. So, as well as airing the house, you might want to install an air purifier. This is a hassle-free way to ensure that the air quality in your house is as good as it can be. There are a variety of options on the market, ranging from new models which use UV light energy, to more economical choices. Head to sites like for more information about the options available. The main benefit to an option like this is its ability to remove bacteria and mold spores from the air in your home. Purifiers also remove unwanted odors, so are ideal if you have a pet around the place. With one of these in place, you’ll be able to rest easy that your kids, and the family as a whole, will feel much better. Not to mention that removing mold and so forth will work wonders for your home. Worries about damp will become a thing of the past.

Reconsider your cleaning routine

In keeping with removing toxins, it’s worth reconsidering your cleaning routine. All your other efforts will be wasted if you continue to use cleaning products with strong chemicals. You may not have considered how your cleaning is harming your child, but the chances are it’s doing more damage than you think. This is especially the case with toxic products in spray bottles. The spray format may be convenient, but it also ensures toxins spread through the air quickly.

To avoid the damage caused by a regular cleaning routine, reconsider when, and how you clean the house. The best option would be to change to different cleaning products which do less damage. There are many non-toxic options on the market, so you can take your pick. If you’re too attached to the products you use, clean when your kids are out of the house, and open windows as you do so. That way, toxins won’t hang around for long, and your kids won’t be exposed.


Are nice smells doing more damage?

Many of us light candles in an attempt to make our homes smell nice. If anything, we assume these candles are freshening the air. But, think twice before you next reach for that box of matches. Standard scented candles are actually extremely damaging to the air in your home, as you can see on sites like So much so that lighting one of these will undo all the steps you’ve already taken. The wax used in these options releases damaging chemicals. Not to mention that the strong scents we love so much do much the same thing.


The good news is, there are alternatives. Soy options are becoming more and more popular, and are a better choice. Or, you could go all out with beeswax options, which actually help to purify the air around them. Or, you could simply settle for an air purifier like the ones mentioned above. They may create scents, but they’ll remove the smells you don’t like without doing damage.

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