Is It Possible To Keep A Tidy Home When You Have Kids?

Of course, keeping a clean and tidy home when you have children is possible, it’s also possible to land on the moon but it isn’t something that all of us can find achievable. And maybe the question should be is it that important? Of course, making sure that your home is hygienic and that your children are getting the best care that you can give them is important. And nobody is out in the fact that cleaning the floors occasionally and making sure all work surfaces are clean before you create a meal. Is important. But maybe we need to think about whether spending time dusting a top-shelf, is more important than playing a board game with our children? But here are some ideas that can help you manage the workload, and keep your home tidy and clean.


Having a rota that has everything that you need to do for the week, broken down into bite-sized chunks, can actually make a huge difference to your life. There are no even books that can help you get through your housework comedy club to your home, and get on top of the cleaning. Marie Kondo, and Mrs Hinch are two of the people who are able to help you in this area. Many people are now becoming keen to keep their houses organised. But there is a specific way of doing it and if you are going to take on the advice of these professionals, then you may find it benefits you. It all depends on what works for you, but if doing your washing and ironing on a Sunday and rug cleaning on a Monday works for you, it means that you don’t have to do it the rest of the week. That’s more time to spend with the children doing their homework at least.

Involve the children

Giving their children a duster when they are small, and letting them help you just around the house, gets them into good habits. Many people have the little children’s picking up the Hoover and running around pretending. Some people even by their children a pretend cleaning kit so that they can really get involved. But as the children get older it’s always a good idea to give them their own jobs to do it. And this means that it reduces the amount of time that you have to spend doing it as well. This benefits everybody, it gives the children and sense of responsibility and helps them understand how the need to look after a home. And obviously give you more time to spend with the children once everything is done.


It’s important to prioritise the things that are actually important. Of course, things need to be hygienic but making sure that everything is Bleach to within an inch of its life, can be a waste of time. It has also been shown that there is a risk of creating immune problems if you don’t have any germs in the home. Also, studies show getting a dog can actually boost immune systems, and that is even before the mess that they can create. It’s all about balance, and what works for you is what you need to go ahead and do. As long as you make time to enjoy your home with your children rather than just spend all the time cleaning it.