Time Saving Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

As mothers, we are rushing around all day long making sure that our households are running at top speed and all the cogs are working in good order. Sometimes we can feel a little burned out, and not always get the break that we need. Here are some top tips on how to free up some time and maybe save some money too.



  1.    If you are always tackling the washing pile and want the smell of fresh, clean clothing to last a little bit longer – invest in some drawer liners. They smell fabulous for a really long time, and keep your clothes smelling brilliant too. They also look pretty – bonus!
  2.    Divide up the chores. If your children are old enough to help out then make sure they are on the rota too. It lightens your load and teaches them a lot of practical skills. You can have an incentive if you like, a few dollars for each chore – it’s up to you. But, there are plenty of hands around to help, so let them!
  3.    If you are a working mum, and are trying to squeeze in the household chores after work, or they eat into your weekend time with the family then consider maid services. You can have only what you want taken care of, and book in as much or as little time as you need. While a professional service takes care of your home, you can be relaxing with your partner and the kids. Kinda perfect.
  4.    Declutter! If you have a lot of stuff laying around get yourself some more storage. It’s never going to look clean when there are things everywhere. Pick up some wicker baskets, pretty storage boxes, toy bags – anything that helps deal with general family clutter. After all, there is a difference between mess and dirt.
  5.    Give your products time. Most of the time, if you are finding that your products aren’t working, you might not be giving them time to get to work. So if you’re soaking stubborn stains, instead of watching it happen, set an egg timer and do something else in the meantime.
  6.    Wipes in every room. Put a packet of fresh (lemon / linen) scented, recyclable wipes in every room. When you see something that will take less than a minute to clean, do it.
  7.    To freshen up carpets in high foot-traffic areas, rather than get down and scrub them – sprinkle over some baking soda. Leave it for ten minutes (while you read a magazine or do another chore) and then hoover it up. It draws out and lingering or stubborn smells quickly and cheaply.
  8.    Spend a day and make your own cleaning products. This one isn’t about saving time but saving money and also to lower the number of chemicals you are using around the home. Pinterest has some brilliant boards on keeping your home clean without the use of harsh chemicals check out some boards and save the pins for later use.

If you have anymore tips then pop a comment below!

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