Times You Should Spend, Not Save

Saving money is an honorable goal. So many people spend so much more than they need leading to unnecessary clutter and debt that we should probably all be thinking about spending a little less. However, there are times when it makes sense to spend a little more upfront to save a lot more later.

Here are some times when it definitely makes sense to spend rather than save:


Many people decide that insurance is something they can save on and they choose to do this not by finding the best deal, but by not taking out a policy at all. This may save a few dollars each month, but should they lose their job, end up in the hospital, or sadly die they and their families would be far worse off as a result. Insurance is something that should not be negotiable.


If you don’t have your health, you don’t have much. Being healthy is a priceless gift that is definitely worth paying for. Whether you spend more on healthy food to fuel you a gym membership to keep your body in good shape or a better level of health insurance to ensure that, should the worst happen, you’re well looked after, money spent on your health is money you should not be worried about spending.

Legal Representation

If you ever find yourself in need of legal representation, whether it be to deal with a property issue or because you’ve been hit with a 22349a vc driving ticket, it makes sense to spend a decent amount on a good lawyer or another legal professional who can help you. Doing so could save you money down the line or prevent you from being fired, for example, so it has to be worth paying a little more for, right?

Things That Bring Joy

Lots of people think that saving money means cutting out anything and everything that isn’t absolutely essential, but what kind of life is that? As long as you’re cutting out the excessive spending on stuff you don’t really need AND which don’t truly bring you joy, and as long as you’re making savings a priority, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to an expensive coffee or a new handbag – it’s all about finding the balance.

Furniture and Clothing

Often, we buy cheaper clothing and cheaper furniture or even electronic goods because we think we’re saving money when all we’re really doing is saving money right now. Cheaper goods often do not last as long as more expensive verisons, especially when they’re used regularly, and what we actually end up doing is spending more in the long-term by replacing cheap goods more often. It’s a false economy!

The Stock Market

So many people play it safe by putting spare cash into savings accocunts when they could be speculating to accumulate on the stock market. Obviously, you shjouldn’t go in blind, but if you do your research, and perhaps get professional financial adice speculating to accumulate on the stock market could be the best use of your money.

Time to spend more?