Why You Feel So Tired, Now You’re Stuck Indoors All The Time

The world seems to have changed unrecognizably from just a few months ago. Whereas before we were free to go out and conduct our lives how we pleased, we’re now confined to our homes to combat an enemy that we can’t even see. 

For some women, this has been a time to reflect and take stock of our lives. For others, though, it has been difficult. Not being able to go out and do all the usual things we do has left us feeling exhausted and a little shell-shocked. 

If you’re feeling tired, you’re not alone. Something like twenty-five percent of people report that they feel more sluggish than usual since the lockdown went into place. But what’s causing this? Why would you feel more tired after you get more rest? 

You Need A Minimum Of Activity To Feel Alert

Humans aren’t like lions. We didn’t evolve to spend 21 hours sleeping every day. We are creatures of activity, as reflected in our biology. We’re able to keep going all day long, walking dozens of miles if necessary.

Most modern hunter-gatherers spend hours and hours on their feet every day, looking for food and maintaining their encampments. They get a tremendous amount of activity, indicating the level of stress that our bodies had to endure in the past. 

Modern lifestyles were already pretty cushy, but the lockdown is taking that to the next level. Now we don’t have to move if we don’t want to. We can just watch Netflix all day long and get our food out of a packet. 

It turns out, though, that this level of sloth isn’t good for the way we feel. Too much strain can be a bad thing, but so can too little. We need to take the middle ground to feel our best. If we don’t, then we wind up feeling sleepy all day. 

The best way to smash through this feeling is to take your daily allotted exercise. Go for a walk, jog, or cycle and then see how you feel afterward. You typically feel less tired, even though you exerted yourself. 

You Nutrition Is Lacking

Humans also evolved to benefit from exposure to the sun. It’s how we create vitamin D, for instance. If you’re stuck indoors, though, you can’t do this, and it can leave you feeling depleted. 

Of course, you don’t need the sun to get the essential nutrients your body needs.  If you give women vitamins, blood levels rise, and they typically wind up feeling better in a couple of weeks. 

You Can’t Get Social Energy

Finally, humans evolved to live in communities of people. When we spend time with others, it flushes our bodies with feel-good hormones that fill us with energy. If we’re isolated, though, it completely changes the game. We lose those feel-good factors, and we don’t feel as though we want to do anything. For extroverts, the effects of isolation are even worse. 

If you’re feeling tired, therefore, it is nothing to worry about. It is just a consequence of our current situation.