What Does It Take to Transform Your Garden From Disastrous to Desirable?

Everyone wants a garden to be proud of. They want to be able to create a beautiful environment for the neighbours to envy, they want a safe haven for their kids to play in and they want a stunning backdrop for when the family comes over to have a barbeque. Sadly, maintaining a garden can be incredibly difficult if you aren’t well-versed with gardening. So to give you some advice, here’s how to make better use of that empty and sad space at the back of your home.


Hire a Gardener

Let’s be realistic here. Gardening takes time, effort and money. If you start getting your kids and your partner involved, then it could be disastrous and you’ll end up annoying them instead of creating a happy environment. To remedy this, hire a gardener. They’ll be able to offer you plenty of advice that can get you started, and it will boost your knowledge so that you don’t need to hire them again in the future. Gardeners are great at picking different types of plants that will suit your garden, and they’ll also help to clean up your lawn if it’s in a bad state.


Gardeners are going to be your best friend for transforming your garden because, let’s face it, if you had some gardening knowledge or the motivation to do something about it, you probably would’ve gotten started already. However, that’s not to say that your garden is a lost cause. If you’re adamant about setting up your own garden and putting in the work, then continue reading for some useful DIY gardening tips.


Purchase Some Furniture

First, get some furniture. Clean up the patio by hiring a pressure washer or borrowing it from a neighbour, then blast away all the dirt and grime on your tiles. After that, look for some outdoor furniture to pretty up the patio. This doesn’t mean rubbish plastic furniture that gets constantly blown away in the wind, it means real water and weatherproof furniture that will last for a long time and make your garden look like a modern masterpiece. Outdoor furniture doesn’t need to be expensive, it just needs to look great and function properly. Furniture will make your garden look more hospitable which is great if you plan to use it for meetings and group activities.  If you decide to buy wooden furniture, make sure you choose the right wood.

Learn Some Gardening

And if the furniture isn’t enough to make your garden acceptable, then pick up some basic gardening tips. Here are some to get you started:

  • Clean it up. Make sure you clean up the garden so it’s not a huge mess. Tidy up the fallen leaves, sweep up any loose bits of trash and mow the lawn.
  • Use your gardening tools. Remember all those gardening tools you bought in the past? Start making use of them. Things like shovels, rakes, lawnmowers and even your walk behind string trimmer shouldn’t be forgotten about.
  • Learn how to care for plants. Remember that you need to take care of your plants. Water them on a regular basis and make sure you learn about each plant before you purchase them and put them in your garden.


Learning how to garden takes time, effort and occasionally money, so make sure it’s worth your time before investing heavily in new tools and plans. If you’re not having fun with it, then it’s probably not worth the effort.

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