5 Transformations You Need To Make When You Work At Home

Being a freelancer can be gratifying, but it’s also completely different from your known 9-5 office job. It doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. But you need to bear in mind that being a freelancer who works from home will require different skills than in an office. For a start, you need to establish your digital presence before you can fully quit your day-to-day job. But you also need to master two essential skills: Filing your taxes and chasing payments that are due! Additionally, working from home means introducing transformation into your home to make it work.



#1. Plan a proper home office

As a freelancer, you can’t work on the corner of the kitchen table. You need to invest in creating your own home office, combining inspiring colors, practical and elegant furniture, and bespoke rugs for a touch of classiness. Your working environment doesn’t have to be dull. The more creative and tailored it is, the better you’ll perform.


#2. Always keep a meal planner

One of the main issues of working from home is that your lunch break may not feel like a break anymore. They are two types of workers: Those who indulge all day because they’re at home and it’s only a small biscuit; and those who are so focused on the tasks to do that they completely forget to eat. Ideally, you should keep a meal planner so that you can ensure that your day-to-day work life remains healthy. Don’t just rely on strong-will to get you through the day. It’s difficult for everyone to work next to the kitchen. So make your life easier by planning what to eat and when.


#3. Invest in a Bu-Jo

Just because you work at home, it doesn’t mean you have no appointment to keep. As practical as Google calendar and smartphone reminders are, you should write down appointments and meetings in an agenda or a bullet journal to help you to stay organized and professional. It takes some getting used to, at first, but you’ll soon love the organized peacefulness that a Bu-Jo brings into your life.


#4. Dress for the job

Let’s be honest: Staying at home is synonymous with comfy clothes. But don’t get your yoga pants just now. Instead, if you dress professionally at home, you will find that your perception of your day-to-day job varies. What you wear is a reminder of your professionalism. In other words, swapping the yoga pants for a blouse and an elegant skirt can help you to boost your productivity and create work/life boundaries.

#5. Stick to your schedule

Working from home makes it especially tricky to build a work/life balance. The best way for you and your family is to stick to a clear schedule, say from 10 am to 4 pm, so that you can enjoy the rest of the day with your children and partner. It also means for your relatives and friends that they know not to disturb you during your working hours.


Working at home doesn’t offer you the sense of freedom you expect if you are not ready to transform your home and your attitude. As a freelancer, your home becomes both your family nest and your workplace. Consequently, it’s essential that you create boundaries through your home office setting, your organized schedule, your clothes, and your healthy planner.  



For all you work-from-home Moms, what organization tip helps you the most?

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