Treat Yourself, And Your House

Everywhere you go that’s not expensive designer shops, you basically get told to save save save! You’ve all heard it on the radio, you’ve all seen it online and on TV, saving seems to be the most important advice anyone has ever given out. But really, how fun is just saving money forever? To keep one’s sanity, one has to indulge in something mildly enjoyable from time to time, but sometimes, a latte in Starbucks just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sometimes your brain demands more, something grander, something fancier, on a bigger scale, and as much as you might deserve something of that magnitude, it might still be hard to justify splashing cash “just because”. Well, if you were ever waiting for a sign, consider this it. Sometimes we need to let loose a bit and just enjoy whatever we feel like in life, even if it means buying somewhat needless things for houses. So without further ado, let’s look at some ways in which you could treat yourself (and your house or flat) to something a bit more special.



Marine aquarium

The much more expensive cousin of the freshwater aquarium. A beautifully maintained marine fish tank can be the centerpiece of just about anything. Considering the size required to run a well established, stable ecosystem in a marine environment, you might need to reorganize the living room a bit to fit it in, but it is most certainly worth it. With an aquarium like that, who needs a TV? Not to mention that it’s one of the best conversation pieces in the world, and sure to wow both yourself and your guests every time.


Beach sand under your desk

Keeping with the aquatic theme. If bringing yourself to the beach seems to be less and less likely, why not make the first move and bring the beach to yourself? Or well, at least partly. Getting what is essentially a small sandbox underneath your desk or workstation, and enjoying the feeling of being able to shift sand around with your feet while you work. It’s definitely something you don’t see every day, but looking at it now, everyone should own one of these.


Get a designer to spice up your house

Not everyone can say that they hired a designer to come in and redecorate their flat, but the ones who can, have the right to feel very smug about it indeed. If you’re tired of not having anything to brag about during lunches out with friends or family, why not invest in one? Alternatively get an architecture company to come in and work their magic. The two go hand in hand so why not hire both if you’re feeling extra generous?



The infamous “slide stairs”

We’ve probably all seen picture online floating about with the ever-so-endearing stairs with a built-in slide. What is it that seems to captivate so many with such a simple thing? Maybe it’s the simplicity itself that keeps us wanting one, or maybe it’s that childlike wonder of “I wonder if this would speed up my morning routine” train of thought. Regardless of what it may be, we probably all want one, if we have the space that is, or if we even have stairs.


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