Can You Trust Your Doctor With Your Kids?

A surprising number of people have great difficulty trusting their physician. This is usually because a physician has intimate access to our bodies, medical history and generally everything about our children as well. This can easily lead to fears that our privacy is being misused. Some people are also concerned that doctors might not care about our wellbeing and prescribe us with the wrong medicine or misdiagnose something.

These are all valid concerns because it has happened to people in the past, but here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t actually be so worried about it.

Doctors have no reason to abuse your trust

In general, a doctor has no real reason to abuse your trust and put you in an awkward position. This is because they don’t seek to gain anything by doing so and only risk their medical license or even being put in jail if they are caught. It’s simply not worth it from the doctor’s perspective.

Doctors are highly intelligent and trained individuals

Mistakes are uncommon in the medical field because doctors are trained and motivated individuals. They embarked on a long journey through university to help people, and there aren’t many individuals in the world that could achieve that. Doctors that work with children are specialized in that field, so their knowledge extends beyond that of a regular physician.

Doctors change with the healthcare industry

As shown in the infographic below, the healthcare industry changes on a regular basis to benefit not just patients, but also doctors and their wellbeing. As such, you can trust that a doctor’s knowledge will always be up to date and that they are more than qualified and trustworthy when it comes to helping you and your kids.

Infographic by: University of Southern California