Trying To Conceive: The Hows And What Fors You Need To Be Thinking About

It goes without saying that starting a family is going to be one of the best things you do in your life. The journey of motherhood or becoming a parent is one that can often have trials and tribulations. The sleepless nights, the first smiles and steps, and the very first day they start school right through to when they finally leave the next and move on to become their own person with independence and eventually their own family to love and support. It is a journey and a half. The parenting journey is something that is massively documented. There are millions of blogs out there, instagram accounts, inspiration and tips and hacks on how to do things. You can find the answer very easily just by inputting some words into Google. The journey to conception is possibly not a subject that is as well documented. This is because not only is there so much to think about yourself, but also a lot for you to consider as a possibility on this path. I wanted to share with you some of the things you may want to think about or the things you may encounter along the way of trying to start a family. I hope it gives you a general overview of what’s to come, and not only make you feel more informed, but potentially get you all the more excited about the next steps in life.



You need to think practically

First of all, deciding you want a baby or you want to add to your family means that there is an element of practical thinking you need to be doing to help with the decision. It may not seem a priority, but often these things can be forgotten or discounted, which causes you to make rushed decisions or financially be out of pocket. Think about things like your home and whether you have space? Think about logistics and cars, the addition of a car seat and whether this is practical. You might also want to take the time to look at your contract regarding maternity, and also paternity leave for your partner.


Tracking your cycles

There are certain times of the month that you are more fertile and more likely to get pregnant than others, so my advice would be to start getting to know your body and also working out those cycles. It can give you an idea of ovulation periods and also when you may want to think about getting up close and personal with your partner. Sometimes these things can take the romance and spontaneity out of it, so try and not focus too much and use it as a guide so that you are more aware of your period times etc.


Changing your diet

Your diet is key to your health, and so being in the best possible health for your unborn baby is going to be a priority. It might be worth giving up the junk and also cutting down on the alcohol, if not giving it up completely. You are likely to do this when pregnant anyway. It helps to get your body in the best possible shape.


Taking the right vitamins and nutrients

When it comes to what your body needs, there are certain vitamins and minerals including folic acid that you may want to take as a supplement to help with your pregnancy and trying to conceive journey. There is more online about what you could be doing.                   


What about if something goes wrong?

There is no hiding from the fact that once you do get pregnant things may not go as planned. It is more common than people realise when it comes to baby loss and miscarriage. It is something that should definitely be discussed more openly and there are articles online that can give you more information regarding these possibilities.


The subject of potential infertility

There’s a chance that you may have issues with infertility and not being able to get pregnant, and so you may need to consider help in this area such as IVF, Egg donation or even surrogacy. Of course, you may also want to increase your chances or help in the future for others and so you could look into the process of donating eggs to help other people who may be struggling as well. There are many different options you could consider, including perhaps adoption, so you may want to take the time and go through them all together is that you are full informed about what your next steps are.


Is exercise a good thing while trying to conceive

Exercise is a great thing to keep up with when trying to conceive, and also could be the ideal time to get your body in shape. Regular activity helps with weight and also your fitness and cardiovascular health. Being active could be the perfect way to start and it could be as simple as a daily walk. Some people also say things like this during pregnancy is really helpful, and beyond pregnancy when you are beginning to recover you can use this as a way to naturally get back in shape.


Try and not put pressure on yourself

The trick is to not put too much pressure on yourself. These days you can track cycles etc on your phone using smartphone applications, but then this can cause you to start to feel obsessed over the matter, which could lead on to problems mentally as well. Try and relax in the process, it happens at varying times for people. Some straight away, others it can take  a few years. If it is getting too long then you may want to seek some medical advice, and this could help identify if there are any issues. But for now enjoy the process.


Patience is key

Finally, as already mentioned patience is going to be key in this situation. Everyone’s journey will be different, just focus on your own.


I hope that these tips help you become more aware of what to think about when it comes to trying to conceive.