Upgrading Your Kid’s Room In 4 Easy Steps


Image Source: Pexels


Kids grow up so fast that sometimes parents are caught off-guard because not only do their clothes get smaller and tighter, but also their rooms. Not all of us are privileged with the luxury of renovations and expansions, so majority of us opt for DIY projects that can help address the need for new designs or other room upgrades.


Here are a few budget-friendly ideas on how to spruce up your kid’s room:


  1. Give old furniture a makeover.

They call it the art of upcycling, and there’s probably nothing as rewarding (and as cost-saving) as giving your pre-loved furniture a longer leash at life (or even a new life with a new purpose). Give your kid’s cabinets and drawers a makeover by painting it with their favorite colours. Make it fun by incorporating into the design their favourite cartoon characters or animals.


You can even repurpose a crib and make it a desk with shelves for additional work space and storage space. So not only are you making their old things still relevant for your kids, you are also redecorating their room in the process.


  1. Go artsy on the walls.

For children’s rooms, bright colours and patterns are obvious choices but why not discuss these with your kids before you paint their walls with a new tint. Your children will tell you what colours or designs they would like to have that will match their personalities. Also, another option is to paint a wall mural with your kids. Not only will this be a great moment to bond with each other but the wall will also be more significant to you and your child.


Image Source: Pixabay


If you want a wall with an artistic flare, you can check out some videos and DIY hacks in the Internet that will teach you how to paint walls creatively. For one, you can create a design that continues from the wall all the way up to the ceiling or reverse, going down to the floor. You can also leave those gorgeous floors alone, especially when you get timber flooring Melbourne parents want. You can also simply let your child loose with washi tape and let them stick all those attractive tapes to the walls to create a wallpaper effect.


  1. Transform it into a multi-functional room.

As they grow up, your children’s needs change and their activities will become more diverse. Their rooms also have to change to accommodate these changes. From a crib and a play area, your child may now need a study desk, book shelves, and additional storage for their clothes. Whether you are upcycling or shopping for new furniture, make sure to look for multi-functional pieces. Storage and space are two factors that need to be prioritised when choosing what to install in the room.


You might also want to steer clear of highly thematic installations and furniture. Keep it simple with storage items and permanent fixtures but go fancy or thematic on the linen, the beddings, curtains, and other easily changeable room accessories.


  1. Choose stylish accessories.

Because keeping the fixtures simple may translate to a plain-looking room, you need to add a few standout accessories to make the room interesting. These decorations need not be expensive or high-end. In fact, you can purchase replicas of top brands or find treasures at a local charity shop.

Image Source: Pexels


If you are not keen on going out and shopping for new trimmings, there are many DIY options that you can follow. For example, you can make a homemade string of bunting of colourful fabrics to decorate the room with just a few materials and in just a few easy steps.



So, excited to start upgrading your kid’s room?