Vital Maintenance Tasks That When Ignored Can End In Damp Damage!

Disaster is not a word any homeowner or renter likes to hear, especially if it’s about a situation in their house. In fact, it can easily send them into a panic! Luckily, you can avoid many home-related disasters by completing basic maintenance tasks throughout the year. Read on to find out what they are so that you can stop any big trouble with damp in your home occurring.



Waterproof your crawl spaces

One essential maintenance task that far too many people forget to do is to get the crawl space under their house waterproofed. Perhaps it is one of those out of sight out of mind things, as not too many folks go poking out there with much regularity.


However, if you think about it, it certainly makes sense to keep the area that is between the living areas of your home and the ground as dry as possible. Otherwise, you could end up getting what is known as rising damp in the house itself.


This is where water is absorbed through the home’s foundation and deposited in the living areas. Something that can make your home unpleasant and even encourage black mould that has numerous health risks associated with it.


That is why to avoid such a disaster you have to take good care of the crawlspace area. One way to do this is to use waterproofing contractors to treat the space and ensure that it is as dry as possible.  Then you reduce your risk of issues with rising damp, as well as help to preserve the fountain of your home and make it safer place overall.



Clean your gutters

Again, perhaps because they are things we don’t tend to look at much, it is very easy for a homeowner to ignore getter maintenance. Combine this with the fact that they are often in difficult to reach positions at height, and you can see why these areas of our home don’t always get the attention they deserve or need.


Unfortunately, leaving them to their own devices is something that can cause damage quite easily, as they can block up with debris, leaves and even birds nests. Something that prevents rainwater from draining away from your home and can even cause a leak or overflow where water runs down the walls instead of safely away in the gutter.


Water running down the walls is such bad news because it can then get absorbed by the bricks or wood and brought inside. This is an issue that can encourage damp problems within the house, and this can be damaging both for your living conduction and for your home furnishings as they can get ruined pretty quick in an environment like this.


It’s crazy really, as such as an issue can so easily be avoided by clearing out the gutters regularly. You can even get special tools to help you do it. Something that makes it all the sadder when this does happen, as its so easily preventable.


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