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Taking a Detour Can Be Good

I’ve always dreamed of getting those amazing family pictures.  You know the ones that I’m talking about, right?  The kind where everyone looks so very happy as they’re dressed in cute semi-matching outfits and standing in the middle of a sunflower field.  Those magical, dreamy photos that just take your breath away.  While I’ve gotten some cute family pictures in the past, none of them have lived up to the adorable ones that I’ve seen when the family in in the midst of sunflowers.  So when I saw on a friend’s Facebook post the location of a field, I instantly made plans to take the kids that weekend.


Here’s a tidbit you might not have known…  Sunflowers are those beautiful flowers that stand upright and look like you see in the pictures for a whole whomping two weeks (approximately).  After that, they began to droop and the flower petals begin to fall off and they look…  not pretty.  So by the time we arrived at the sunflower field, you guessed it, the flowers did not look like the backdrop I would want for my photos.  My heart sank.  Until the kids started playing.


To them, it was still a big field.  One easily lost within when you take off running.  While I went there with the intention of getting amazing photographs, and could have easily sunk into a state of mild depression when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the goal of the day – I also realized that it was ok to take the detour in plans.  Instead of being a photographer, I became a mother.  The “You’re IT!” in our game of tag more often than not – because who can really not let the kids tag them every now and then?  And you know what, I had a blast!


I took the detour in the road, went from the photographer lane into the mother lane, and I couldn’t have been happier.  While not every detour gives such instant gratification, there can be good found in each circumstance if you just look for the silver lining.  Detours can be a good thing.


And, just to show that He hadn’t forgotten about me, God placed this amazingly adorable old Volkswagon Bug Convertible on the side of the field when we were walking back.  So while my family sunflower photoshoot didn’t happen, I did still get some pretty cool photographs out of the day.  In my case, following the detour took me full circle.


When you look at this convertible parked by the side of a field, I hope you remember to take advantage of the detours life may bring your way.  It’s ok if plans don’t go 100% the way that you wanted.  God has bigger plans, and He’s working your life on a road that will bring you to greatness larger than you could image, if you’ll allow His road signs to guide you.



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