Wagering requirements and online slot bonuses

If you’ve previously played video games in an internet casino, you will have spotted that you can get special welcome bonuses when you sign up. These can be great and they allow you to really spread your budget further. However, there are some rules that you need to think about, and one of these is the specific wagering requirements that each welcome bonus is going to have. Because there are so many, it pays to perform a little research first so you know just what you are getting into – play online slots. Here are some hints and tips to help you.

What Exactly Are Wagering Requirements?

You may notice that an online casino offers you bonuses for signing up and participating in casino games with them rather than on another site. This may – and it is intended to – make you fired up to play on this particular site since it appears as though you’re getting something for nothing; basically all you have to do is register and begin playing, and you will have ‘free money’ to have fun with. 

Only it’s not quite as easy as that. Remember, casinos are there to make money as well as entertain. They are companies, after all, and therefore they need to make a profit. This is not a terrible thing; it is absolutely understandable. Despite that, it’s something that many players overlook, meaning they’re surprised when the bonus they signed up for has some stringent rules attached. 

Read the small print and you will discover that these fantastic bonuses generally have a wagering requirement. Put simply, you have to invest a specific amount of cash – often on certain games types like slots – in order to get the bonus. This is only reasonable; no casino is going to be giving money away at no cost, but players frequently overlook this particular element. 

Could You Still Win?

So what happens should you use your extra cash to play and you succeed in winning a prize? Could you withdraw that money? Are you allowed to do it? Once again, you are going to need to look at the terms and conditions. If you have not met the wagering demands set out by the casino it is not likely you will have the ability to withdraw your money, and you certainly will not have the ability to withdraw the bonus at any stage. If you can do that here, what would prevent everyone from registering to numerous casinos, getting the bonuses, and then withdrawing the cash on their own? So of course, there are strict rules in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

The majority of the time, you are going to be able to see how close you are to being able to withdraw your money on the screen. Even if you can’t see that or miss it entirely, you’ll receive an email with the details. Equipped with the right information, you are able to then determine how to proceed and whether the cash you can win is worth investing in. Remember, for a tiny win you may wind up spending much more than you won because this is the only way you can withdraw the winnings. In this case, it wouldn’t even be worth playing.