What Can You Do To Manage Anxiety Bouts?

We all need to take a little extra care of our mental health. For some, this might simply mean investing in the right self-care to ensure things keep on an even keel. However, if you experience anxiety, then bouts of anxiety can be a major obstacle to your day, whether it’s simply that tight feeling in your gut or tingly sensation in your limbs, or full-blown panic attacks. As such, here are some techniques for managing anxiety at the moment and getting back to an even keel.

Try breathing exercises

Though it might sound like something of a cliche solution, there is real evidence that breathing exercises can be of great help to people who experience bouts of anxiety. Taking slow, deep breaths can help a lot of people, but there are also different breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing, belly breathing, and box breathing that can all help you calm down, mainly by diverting your focus to your physical sensations and slowing your heart rate, which anxiety can often quicken. Aside from simply taking in deep, slow breaths and breathing back out, you might also look into apps like Calm that, alongside breathing exercises, include meditation exercises to help you maintain the same effect but in a different way.

Find some herbal relief

There are a lot of different herbal and natural products that people will attest to help them with anxiety. While you don’t want to diminish anyone’s experiences or what helps them manage their own mood, your best bet is to try to stick with some of the best-known reliefs, first and foremost. While you need to check for legality in your area, marijuana has become very well-regarded by some for its ability to help manage anxiety, and accessories such as Nextlight can even help you grow some in your own home. CBD oils might be effective where the THC variants are not. Beyond that, there is, of course, aromatherapy, which has been found effective by a lot of people, with lavender being one of the most readily recommended choices for fighting anxious moods.

Get it outside of your own head

Often, a little perspective can help you address the thoughts that are causing you anxiety, often helping you see that you might be making a bigger deal of them than they really are. Talking to someone about your thoughts can help, especially if they are licensed like the professionals from BetterHelp. However, there are also techniques you can try yourself. Writing a journal is often recommended for stress and anxiety since it helps you express your thoughts so that they don’t stay locked up inside your head but, once they’re written down, you can also feel something of a detachment from them, often one that can make it easier to get a better perspective on the issues you might be dealing with.

Managing anxiety is not as simple as following the tips above. They can help some people get their minds and thoughts back down to a manageable level, but it’s important to talk to a doctor about long-term approaches, as well.