What Every Office Truly Needs

When I’m not at home spending time with my family, you can usually find me at work.  Working 40 hours a week leaves me feeling as though I spend more time in the office than I do at home with my family.  This makes creating a homey, uplifting environment at work super important for me.  I want comfort mixed with modern technology to help make those hours away not feel as though they are dragging on for eternity.  There are some things that, to me at least, are a must have for the office.  Here are a few of my favorite things to have.



A Coffee Station

Each morning, I need that daily dose of caffeine in order for my brain to turn on.  Sometimes I am able to get up in time to create that cup at home before I leave.  Other days I have found enough change doing the laundry that I can scrape together to purchase a cup of Starbucks on my drive in.  But, most days, I rely on the coffee station at work.  It is super important to me that an office provide a good, fully stocked coffee bar!


Comfortable Furnishings

If I am going to sit in one chair for 8 hours, I want it to be a comfortable one!  I understand that fashion and design, the need to fit into the office appearance is also of importance, but honestly, if it were up to me I’d be sitting in a recliner all day long!  Some offices allow use of yoga ball chairs, or desks that allow you to stand while working.  These are great options!  Desk chairs with enough padding and support are also terrific ideas for regular desks.


Proper IT Help

There is nothing worse than trying to get your job assignment completed and having your computer malfunction.  It is super important that your job get managed IT services. Knowing that there are people who are able to assist and get your systems back up and running in a timely fashion is a huge help!  Few things at work are more frustrating than wasting your day on fixing the computer instead of actually doing your job.


The Latest Technology

The speed at which technology is changing just makes my head spin.  Each day… no really each hour it seems that the status quo for programs or software is changing.  From new computer systems to new wearable technology, there is always something out there that can make the task that much quicker and more efficient.  It’s important that a company weigh the pros and cons of keeping up to date with the latest and greatest invention.  Some of them can really be helpful in your daily tasks.


Friendly Coworkers

Being in a kind, supportive, uplifting environment at work may not be something that you are taught to look at, but to me it is one of the most important things that an office environment can offer.  I just love knowing that I am going to work in a place where I will be greeted with smiles and kind words instead of back-stabbing and people throwing each other under the bus.  While you might not be able to know until you get into the position exactly what the office environment is like, it’s something that should not be taken for granted.


When you’re not the boss, and sometimes even if you are, it can be difficult to make your office exactly the way you’d want it to be.  From finding the right staff to keeping the proper tools on hand – it can be difficult to maintain everything needed to keep an office running at peak efficiency.  If you’ve got these items, I believe that you’re well on your way!


What do you think is the most important thing for an office to have?