Question: Where Does All The Baby Stuff Go?!

Aargh – there’s not enough room for the baby! Okay, the baby does have a roof over its head and it won’t be homeless. Still, there isn’t room for everything that tags along. There is baby grows, nappies, prams, cots and that’s without mentioning the toys. Christ, the toys are everywhere. Not to worry though fellow mothers because extra space is a luxury. The real joy is the smile on your… no, wait, you just stubbed your toe against a mini car. Sorry, but that’s the last straw because this charade can’t continue forever. Does anyone have Ali Baba’s number to store this junk? Well, these will just have to do then.



Garden Shed

Sheds are deceitful. Take one look and it will seem as if there isn’t an inch of storage space left. Then, try and fill it with goods and, Abracadabra, as if like magic, the door shuts. Sure, opening it up again is a huge mistake because everything will fall out and you will be back at square one. But, keep in mind that you don’t plan on unlocking the shed for a rather long time. So, that’s a different problem for another version of yourself in the future. And, quite frankly, that person can cross that bridge alone!



Should the shed tell the truth, which is suspicious, you will have to look elsewhere. Thankfully, houses old and new, big and small tend to have an attic or a basement. Again, it may appear as if there isn’t enough room to swing a cat, but, cat-swinging aside, there is more than you think. Attics are harder to deal with because they are smaller and elevated, which is why the basement is the best option. Just make sure the belongings have shelter from the elements. Basements are notorious for letting in water.


External Storage

Sometimes, the solutions in the property just aren’t up to scratch. However, aside from moving, there isn’t much a homeowner can do but curse their luck. In fact, you can check out and get a quote. As the name suggests, the site is a storage company that has units which they rent and sell at affordable rates. The even better news is that this is just one example and there are hundreds if not thousands of others, and that helps lower the price. All you have to do is get the stuff to the lockup, but can help with that.



Family & Friends

Finally, you should turn to the people who love you most. The odds are high that if you don’t have storage space, someone else will. And, if they have your best intentions at heart, they may be willing to help. Family members are always an excellent choice because their assistance is mandatory. A mother, father, brother or sister with an attic or a spare room is the jackpot! Joking aside, anyone with a garage that isn’t full may take some of the stuff off your hands.


Does that answer your question? Good because now it’s time for a stiff drink!


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