Why Doesn’t Romance Last?

Every time a love story ends, you can’t help to open the sweetest pack of ice cream, grab a large spoon and ask yourself why romance doesn’t last. It’s karma, you think. Maybe, that’s because in fifth grade you were mean to that little boy. Or maybe it’s because you don’t put seeds pout in the garden often enough to feed the birds. You think that, in the end, life finds a way to pay it back to you and that might as well be the end of a relationship. But in reality, a breakup is no karma coming back to bite you in the butt. There are many other – and better – explanations for what might cause the end of your romance story.



They naturally grow apart

For a start, even college sweethearts grow apart. These things happen and more often than not, nobody is to blame for it. In fact, most couples who grow apart work unintentionally let something else come in between, it’s called life. The boredom of routine, either at home or work, can put your relationship at risk until ultimately, you don’t see the potential for this dull story without love anymore. Couples who have time-demanding careers can spend less time with each other and naturally develop new and different interests. In short, you don’t grow apart because you were not good together but because life pushed you in opposite directions.


They didn’t want to give it a chance

Every relationship knows a few hurdles. Things don’t always work out perfectly; you might be stressed out and take it on your partner; etc. But the key is to discuss it together and sort things out. However, not all couples are ready to forgive mistakes or given a second chance. That’s precisely why you need to work with an expert in family matters, Alecia Reading Law , to ensure that you can end your relationship as smoothly as possible. There’s nothing worse than the loose consequences of a previous breakup.


Love wasn’t in the air anymore

So, you thought he was the love of your life, and suddenly you realize that you don’t quite love them as much as you thought. That’s what happens when you stop having butterflies in your tummy. You’ve simply grown out of love. You notice the flaws of your partner more, and they lost their appeal. Love doesn’t last, unfortunately, unless you work at it.



A relationship demands some efforts

Your relationship needs a little more involvement that changing your status on Facebook. While it might seem obvious, for a lot of people, the interests and efforts they put in their relationship can go downhill after the first few months. It’s important to maintain the magic between you. Why not plan a date night at home? You could do something playful, such as building up a fort or a tent in the living room and telling each other scary stories. Or why not engage in a relaxing partner massage? If you don’t care for each other, there’s no way romance is going to last.


In conclusion, it’s time to put the tub of ice cream away. Romance, like everything in life, can last, if you make the right choices from the start and invest yourself in it. But, even if it doesn’t, be thankful for the nice memories and move on!


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