Wouldn’t Your Winter Garden Be Better With A Deck?

Now that the colder weather has arrived, it’s easy to assume that the garden is ‘off limits’ throughout the foreseeable future. It needn’t be that way, though. With the right preparations, there’s nothing to stop you enjoying the outdoor aspects of your home throughout the winter months. A garden deck is unquestionably one of the items that will enable that to happen.


It’s important to remember that the decking area is only one part of a complete garden transformation. Still, there’s no question that this can be the focal point from an aesthetic viewpoint, as well as a functional one. Here’s all you need to know about finally creating the perfect addition that your backyard deserves.



Opting For Wood

When building a deck or patio area, the choice of materials will have a huge influence on the outcomes. While there is no one right or wrong answer, it’s safe to say that wooden decks are the ideal solution in more scenarios than any of the alternatives.   


Wooden decks are safe, affordable, and versatile. Better still, experts at George Hill Timber can point you in the right direction for the best materials for lasting quality. When using wood for the bannisters and rails too, there is a sense of sturdiness that many options simply can’t match.


Installing a wooden deck is a job that can be completed by most DIY enthusiasts too, which puts you in a position of power. Even if you don’t take this route, the quick task is likely to result in fewer labour costs. Likewise, the maintenance is easy. If a board does succumb to damage, it can be replaced.


Design Features

As already mentioned, the versatility is a major selling point for choosing a wooden deck. A few coats of paint will allow you to change the aesthetic at any given moment, which is worth noting for long-term ambitions. Nonetheless, it pays to put in some planning before erecting it in the first place. That way, you’ll be far more likely to gain the deck you deserve.



First and foremost, the deck is a place to relax with friends and family. However, you may also want to consider incorporating a hot tub or a BBQ cooking area. There’s no limit to what can be achieved with the deck, and you can even use it for garden games and other fun activities. Even if you get a professional to complete the design, having a vision will pay dividends.

With thorough consideration, the deck will successfully become the backbone of the entire garden. Those careful plans will ensure that safety needs, overhead covers, and other functions are taken into account.


Connection To The Home

The garden deck should encourage you to spend more time in the backyard, even during winter. However, the very best designs don’t limit the fun to external matters. They additionally promote the idea of merging the garden with the home. Achieve this goal, and your entire property is sure to feel better than ever.


Given that all homes are different, it might not be a viable option for everyone. However, homeowners that can connect the back of their home to the deck via a sliding door should consider this feature. Experts at Hadleigh Glass can install a range of aluminium sliding doors. This will allow you to enjoy the view from your lounge, dining room, or kitchen. Better still, moving in and out of the deck will become far easier. This can be especially useful in winter.



Stepping up or down a level onto the deck isn’t just a nuisance. It can be a safety concern for the young and elderly. For the sake of aesthetics and practicality, thinking about how the deck looks in relation to the property itself is key.


The Additions

Creating a brilliant deck is one thing, but it’s only half a job until you’ve considered the accessories. First of all, you need to think about your comfort. A patio heater and suitable lighting will enable you to enjoy the garden long into the evenings. Meanwhile, a few blankets will help the cause.


Then again, it’s not all about those basic human needs. You’ll also want to invest in the best rattan furniture. This will aid comfort for longer periods spent in the backyard, and also opens up the door to hosting small gatherings. If this is on your agenda, installing a music speaker system may be useful too.


There’s no doubt that a garden deck will boost your home’s value and atmosphere. It might not be the traditional time to make this upgrade. Still, the quick process and use of natural materials mean that there is an opportunity to make it happen. Once you do, the days of feeling bored in the garden are long gone.



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