Braving the Cold: Winter Preparation Tips Everyone Should Follow

It’s only a little over two months until we have to brave the cold temperatures of the winter season, so it only makes sense to start taking our winter preparation seriously so we don’t end up with a cold home and broken heating when we finally get there. To help you out, here are a couple of winter preparation tips that everyone should be following.



Make slow adjustments, not drastic ones

As soon as it starts to get cold, the first thing you might do is turn up the heating or switch on the radiators. However, this usually isn’t the best decision because you need to slowly work your ways towards the heating, not instantly rely on it. Your body might enjoy the instant blast of heat, but it’s still far too early to crank up the heating. Save your energy and heating bills for when the cold really settles in. For now, wear extra layers of clothing and shut the windows to check for breezes. The first night you experience a breeze should be a sign to check the rest of your home to ensure you are ready when the real chill comes.


Check appliances and ensure they’re working

You might want to hire a service like Academy Air to check all of your heating-related systems before the winter comes. The earlier you carry out maintenance on them, the early you can detect any possible issues that could affect performance in the future. If you value your heating, then you’ll want to make sure your systems are in top condition for when the time comes. You may also want to check the batteries in any kind of thermostats or smart home devices that you may have.


Double-check emergency numbers

The last thing you want is to be stranded in your home with the lights off and heating down. Make sure you keep a list of emergency phone numbers that contain contacts to your gas company, heating company and electricity supplier. While you never want to end up in a situation where you actually have to call those numbers, it’s still a good idea to be prepared for the worst. A home without those essential facilities may as well be a stone cave. The reason you should check this early is because the numbers may have changed over the past few months or year, so you want to stay updated.



Consider your personal wellbeing

Winter is a harsh time especially if you live in an area that sees freezing temperatures and frigid winds. It can easily cause you to be depressed and you may even find yourself frustrated at certain situations like the limited daylight and inability to leave your home for simple things like milk or groceries without wrapping up in several layers. Plan ahead to avoid these undesirable situations. For example, carry some extra cold medicine if you’re worried about catching an illness caused by the cold, and switch your moisturizers to account for the drier air.


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