Words Of Wisdom: Supporting Your Child’s Career Choices

As a parent, it’s vital for you to tread the fine line between encouragement and common sense. There is a point when you have to let your children make their own mistakes, especially as they get older. When it comes to the big choices in life, it’s important that you are there to subtly guide them in the right direction. But, we should never have the final say, it’s always them. And this is the way it should be. Regardless of their choice of career, you may be sitting there saying to yourself silently that they don’t have what it takes to achieve this career, that their personality doesn’t suit it, or they haven’t got the right skills, or they are just wasting their time. But, when it comes to offering career advice to your children, they will never ask you for it. So is there anything you can say that will help them make sure that they are armed with the necessary knowledge to protect themselves as they go through life and navigate the highs and lows of finding the right job that suits them?



“Do What Makes You Happy”

This has to be first on the list or any parent that wants to encourage their child to pursue a worthwhile career. At the end of the day, the idea of “pipe dreams” is something that is shot down a lot by parents. And this is why there are so many people who give up on my dreams and settle for that typical office job, where they feel ridiculously unhappy, but they have that nagging notion of the back of the mind that they need to pay the bills. Well, here’s a fact, you can find ways to pay the bills but also find a way to do what you really want with your life. You need to encourage your children to do what makes them happy because, well, they will be happy! We see so many children’s dreams get shot down by their parents, or worse, laughter, because it’s a childish notion. Maybe they want to be an actor, they want to be a scientist, or they want to go into space. Whether they will succeed in their dream career or not doesn’t matter, but they need to try at least! Robin Williams’s father said that he should get a fallback career if his acting didn’t take off, so Robin Williams trained as a welder. So, this is surely a better option to encourage your child to go down, because they have a trade under their belts, but they still have the opportunity to chase their dreams.


“Plan For Retirement”

People are more concerned about finding the right career than by what happens after they finish their career. Retirement is just as important as your livelihood, and for those that are still looking at what they can do with their lives as a job, they still need to have at the back of their mind ways to support themselves when they are unable to work anymore. To do this effectively, it’s not just about the typical pension plan, but you may want to encourage your child to think about a career where there are sufficient perks of the job. It is a fine balance, but if they can work in an organization that gives them fantastic healthcare, a decent pension pot, but also gives them room for progression, then it will all work fantastically towards the end product, retirement. Not just that, but on the job protection is another thing that should be considered by your child. It’s frustrating to see people who have slaved away for years and have nothing to show for it at the end, because they didn’t have the support of their employer, so they end up living off a measly pension package and don’t enjoy their twilight years.


“Look For Peace Of Mind”

Especially as your children will fall in love, get married, and have children of their own, you don’t want them to be panicked about getting the money together to support their family. So it is vital that they have things in place to give them that all important peace of mind. There are organizations like Insurestat.com which provides disability insurance for physicians, and this is a notable example in the fact that insurance policies, such as life insurance and home insurance, need to be set up. Insurance policies don’t have to be a costly expense, but they are something that should be paid into in case the unthinkable should happen. We all need to make sure that our dependents are catered for should something happen to us, and this is a notion that you should pass on to your children. You should have that peace of mind if they are unable to work through injury or personal problem arises. Peace of mind is the thing that your children need to acquire, and this can be done through the right employer. Workplace perks, such as medical care are offered by many successful organizations, and it is always worth your child looking for these organizations.



“Jobs Can Be Stressful… Even Your Dream One”

No job is perfect, but if you can have a job where you are 95% happy, then you will have hit the motherlode. Remember, a little bit of stress is always good, because it forces people to be more productive or to work harder. But too much stress can have a negative effect. There are infinite resources online to manage stress, such as Helpguide.org, and it’s beneficial to get your child to start managing their stress as early in life as possible. There is no such thing as the perfect job, but if your child can wake up feeling enthused about it, and could learn to manage the stress to tackle the tasks that come with it, they can feel that they’ve done an honest day’s work. And this is, very simply, the key to finding your dream job. If your child constantly looks over the rainbow for something to make them completely happy, this means they will never be happy.


Positive encouragement in your children’s career choices isn’t about telling them what job they can and can’t do, but more about planting the seeds in what they should look for in a more holistic sense. It’s not always about the role of the job, nor is it always about being 100% happy, but finding a delicate balance between them.


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